Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jim Henson exhibit at Smithsonian

I've been lax on posting about this, even though DC blogger and work buddy Master Ibid recommended it to me. I've never really considered Henson a cartoonist, but the show opens with gag and strip cartoons he did. Also when you look at some of the early concept sketches for his puppets, he appears to have been influenced by Searle. You can get details and a podcast on the Smithsonian's traveling exhibits site. The exhibit is up through October 5th and is in the Ripley center under the Haupt garden, behind the Castle.


Cinco de Mayo said...

Don't forget, Jim Henson grew up in the DC area, and graduated Northwestern HS in Hyattsville.

Trivia question: Which long-time Marvel/DC artist also graduated Northwestern HS?

Mike Rhode said...

I've got no idea, although I will say that the 5th of May has an unfair advantage of many of us late-comers to the area.

Anyone know?