Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oliphant cartoon draws complaints for Post's website

The cartoon in question.

The Post's readers have been complaining about an online Oliphant cartoon - in "Campaign, and Complaints, Heat Up," By Deborah Howell, Washington Post Sunday, September 14, 2008; Page B06, she says, Speaking of overdoing it, a political cartoon by Pat Oliphant that appeared on Wednesday prompted complaints from about 350 readers who said he lampooned their faith. The cartoon showed Palin speaking in tongues, an aspect of worship in some Pentecostal churches, and then God telling St. Peter that he didn't understand what she was saying -- "All I can hear is some dam' right-wing politician spouting gibberish." Readers were right to complain; I will deal with political cartooning in another column. Political cartoons and comics aren't selected at the way they are for The Post in print; they are automatically posted.

Like my recent post on Zapiro, I'd have to say "what issue?"

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Unknown said...

Ah yes, the religious nutz are complaining yet again. Can you picture a vice president speaking in tongues. Sarah Palin is an absolute airhead - a beauty queen in the worst sense of the word. And I am glad Oliphant takes her to task for her goofy beliefs - and for all those other nutz who believe in that crapola