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Friday, August 16, 2013

PR: 3 Reasons Why You Should Come to AnimeUSA 2013

Hey fellow Otaku! Are you looking for a way to meet other geeks while having fun? Check out Anime USA 2013 from September 13–15. Anime USA, affectionately referred to as "AUSA" by fans, is an annual three-day fan-hosted gathering taking place at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park. Here are three reasons you should check it out!

1. Theme! Each year, Anime USA selects a theme for the event. This year's theme is "A Journey Back to Edo Japan". This theme provides a great opportunity for anime fans who don't know much about Japanese history to learn about this significant period and see how modern Japan was shaped. Popular anime series, such as Samurai Champloo, are based in the Edo Period. Throughout the weekend, Anime USA will host a variety of cultural demonstrations, performances and activities. For more advanced fans, Anime USA will be bringing in expert panelists to focus on specific issues of Edo culture and history.

2. Anime USA is friendly and welcoming to all! Time and time again, Anime USA's fans have told them that their favorite thing about event is the friendliness of the staff. Anime USA is managed by a group of all-volunteer fans that love what they do. Anime USA has a big roster of Guests of Honor, such as popular voice actors and Japanese musicians. Anime USA provides a small, intimate settings for fans to meet their favorite voice actor or band. For those looking to mingle, Anime USA offers plenty of space to hang out at locations like the Host Club and Maid Café.

3. Anime USA offers high quality programming and entertainment! There's always something to do without all the waiting at Anime USA. Anime USA offers:

     5 video rooms with a wide range of subbed, dubbed, blu-ray and live action programming

     5 normal panel rooms featuring lectures and discussions on a variety of topics

     A dedicated educational and Edo period discussions, learning sessions, and interactive demonstrations.

     A whole library of manga for reading

     An artist show, vendors market, and artists market

     Free concerts featuring domestic and Japanese bands

For the gamers out there, Anime USA hosts plenty of table top, board gaming, arcade, console, LAN, and rhythm game sessions.

Anime USA takes pride in giving each attendee an awesome experience, full of one-on-one conversations, unique entertainment, and interactions with the Guest of Honor. Learn more by checking out Even if you only go for one day, you'll have a great time!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Meet a Local Con Organizer: Ron Barba of AnimeUSA

101_4614 Deadpool
The Convention season has started again, with anime and manga focused-Katsucon having been at National Harbor last month, and Emerald City Comicon kicking off the comic book cons in Seattle this weekend. Six months ago, I attended AnimeUSA at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park, where it had moved after being in Crystal City in Arlington. The following interview was done with one of the con organizers, Rob Barba, for a Washington City Paper article that didn't gel. But everyone I see at AnimeUSA looks like they're having a great deal of fun, so perhaps it's not too soon to start planning to attend this September's event.

Mike Rhode: How’d you personally get into comics?

Rob Barba: I'm the writer for a webcomic, Claude & Monet (; due to its anime style, I felt working with a convention would be a good way to gain both exposure and experience. The former I've got, but the latter my cup runneth over. I can honestly say that in my eight years of working with Anime USA, it's been a worthy experience.
MR: How is AnimeUSA different than a standard comics con?

RB: We focus both on manga, manwha, and manhua (Japanese, Korean and Chinese comics, respectively) as well as webcomics. In the former case, these are the basis of anime, which has been on the rise for a number of years. For the latter, it will be the future of how comics are produced, and we felt it was important to be at the forefront of exposing our audience to this medium.

MR: How many years has it run, and how many years have you been a part of it?

RB: Anime USA has been around since 1998. I joined in 2004, after I moved into the area.

MR: How many people did you have?

RB: We had an attendance of roughly 3800 people. While this number is roughly the same as last year, we believe that the move to the new hotel as well as the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy had an effect on our attendance. We plan for greater growth next year.

MR: How did the weather such as Sandy and the following Noreaster affect 2012's con?

101_4604RB: Quite a bit, to be honest. The result was a wholesale cancellation of various panels, vendors coming from the north, and even many of our own staff. As mentioned before, attendance took a hit because of it. Still, I believe we did our best to regroup and move forward for our fans.

MR: Why did you move to the hotel in DC this year?

RB: The Marriott was best suited for our needs after an exhaustive search for a new location. With a layout suitable for panels, workshops and the like; plenty of picturesque locations for cosplayer photography, and room to grow, we were hard-pressed not to chose this site. Combined with the attentive staff of the Marriott, it sealed the deal for us.

MR: Any guests you are particularly proud of having come in 2012? Favorite guests of past years?

101_4606RB: Phil Lamarr, as he is one of the largest guests we have had to date. Caitlin Glass is also a fan favorite. The list of favorites for previous years is too long to mention, but includes folks like Steven Bloom, Monica Rial and others.

MR: Is there anything special about 2012 not mentioned yet?

RB: If people enjoyed 2012, wait until they see what we have planned for 2013. While I can't comment due to contractual reasons, I can say that the marquee guest for next year will be one the fans have been clamoring for, for quite some time.

Friday, November 09, 2012

AnimeUSA underway

I spent a few hours at AnimeUSA today and had a good time looking around at the art show, the dealers and the cosplayers. It runs for two more days. I've put some pictures up here and at Flickr.

Local cartoonists Jamie Noguchi, Tony Tribby and Alexa Polito have tables, as does the Snow By Night webcomic team.

101_4611 Jamie Noguchi

Jamie Noguchi, whose new book is Erfworld vol. 1.

101_4616 Tony Tribby

Tony Tribby, whose new book is 'Death is Good'.

101_4613 Alexa Polito

Alexa Polito, whose selling a minicomic sketchbook, 'Rough Sex vol. 1'.

...and there are the cosplayers too...


...I'm not sure that costume is anime/manga influenced, but the next one is Lady Deadpool from Marvel Comics...

101_4614 Deadpool

...and these are real police officers enjoying their surroundings.