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Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Nail gun safety comic

Friend of ComicsDC Nick Thorkelson has done the art for a government safety comic. Here's Nick:

Friends & colleagues:

My nail gun safety comic just went online. You can take a look by downloading a PDF from either of the links below or, if you wait a while, by ordering the print version from CDC/NIOSH. Many thanks to Jim Albers of NIOSH who put this together, and who was very patient with me in the course of a long and complex development process. 



Nick Thorkelson
Graphic Design & Cartoons
15 Channel Center Street, #218
Boston, MA 02210

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kerry G. Johnson's Spectra #4 has been completed

Following up on yesterday's link to an interview with him,Kerry G. Johnson tells ComicsDC about some local comic book work he's done -

Here is a recent project that I worked on for

I'm the Art Director at the American Physical Society (APS Physics), the parent company of PhysicsCentral. Headquarters in College Park, MD (not on campus)

I recently illustrated the 4th installment of our comic book series, PhysicsQuest: Spectra #4: Spectra Heats Up! (written by Dr. Rebecca Thompson, illustrated by Kerry G. Johnson)

The Spectra series follows the adventures of a teen girl that discovers she has the powers of a laser. Spectra is also the official mascot of the 2010 LaserFest: Celebrating 50 Years of Laser Innovation.

PhysicsQuest is a set of four activities designed to engage middle school students in scientific inquiry. The 2011-2012 activities are linked together via a storyline and comic book. In the fourth issue, Spectra and her friends must combat "mean girl" Tiffany Maxwell and her impish demon. Spectra's super powers are all real things that a laser beam can do. Additionally, the students will learn via the 4 activities and by reading through the comic book.

The FREE comics and science kits are available by contacting



Kerry G. Johnson Design & Illustration
Caricatures by Kerry
Twitter: caricaturekerry

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Government Comics on Internet Archive

A search for 'comic book' at the Internet Archive produces pdfs of some US Government comic book giveaways including Mr. Civil Defense Tells About Natural Disasters which has a Li'l Abner cover and Smash-Up at Big Rock with art by Mark Trail's Ed Dodd. There's also a Jack Chick and a Klan comic. I guess there are still some government giveaway comics although the only one coming to mind at the moment is PS Magazine - now with Joe Kubert artwork.