Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kneel Protest by Cosplayers at Baltimore Comic Con

A guest post by photographer Bruce Guthrie.

On the last day of the BCC, there's a group cosplay photo shoot that's done on the steps of the convention center.  It's always interesting.

It's organized by a cosplay guy who's not connected at all with the convention.  He just loves to organize this sort of thing and apparently also organizes photo shoots at Awesome Con and other places.  

This year at BCC, Marvel kicked DC's butt -- probably twice as many wore Marvel costumes vs DC.  And when the organizer tried to get a Justice League group shot, he found there was absolutely no one dressed as Batman.

(Keep in mind that Batman has always been my favorite comic book character.  When I had to come up with a software company so I could do some part-time coding work for NIH, I thought of my first name and called it "Wayne Software".  I had business cards made and had "Batman Lives" in hexadecimal characters appearing underneath the name of the company.  I was the only one who had any clue what that meant.)

At the end of the photo shoot, he said there would be one more group shot and he said that if anyone felt at all uncomfortable doing it, please feel free to leave.  He then asked everyone to either kneel or raise a fist.  A couple of people left but most stuck around.

There was no explanation of the protest...  and really no need to explain it.  We all understood.  

Thinking about it...  It used to be a protest against police treatment of African-Americans that started during Obama's term.  But it's become an anti-Trumputin thing. 



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