Friday, March 13, 2009

Post dropping comics

Mike Cavna's breaking the story that his colleagues are dropping Pooch Cafe, Zippy, Judge Parker, Piranha Club and Little Dog Lost as of March 30th. Bah.

I really like Judge Parker and Pooch Cafe, Zippy and Piranha Club (Bo Grace is local by the way) both have their appeal. Little Dog Lost didn't catch on with me. No notice as to why except that Dilbert is moving back from the Business section, but I'll bet they're putting in another Soduku type game since the NY Times just added one.


Unknown said...

Dummies. Just a bunch of dummies. I am speaking of the Editors at the Post in charge of the comics. Space is at a premium, but other comics should be sacrificed. I hope they come to their senses and keep Judge Parker at the very least. I emailed them at

Mike Rhode said...

Today's paper said they're folding the Business section into the A section which forces Dilbert back onto the comics page. No explanation for the other four drops though. Nor how they picked these five. I know there are a lot of strips I'd rather see dropped. There are a lot of comments to that effect on Cavna's blog.

Unknown said...

I would email or call the Post if you want any of them back. Maybe they will relent, since they have a couple weeks. I, too, think that taking Judge Parker out, after it has become so good lately (with great artwork), would be a shame. At the very least they should take a poll before subjectively whacking comics. But, Editors have a way of knowing better than the readers, most of the time.