Monday, March 23, 2009

Post dropping 6 comics, not 5

Today the Post reported that it's dropping 6 comics - adding "Brevity" to the list of "Judge Parker," "Little Dog Lost," "Piranha Club," "Pooch Cafe" and "Zippy the Pinhead" - and shrinking the comics pages to 2 instead of 3. Dilbert is moving back to the comics section as the Business section goes down the tubes.

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I'm sure they'll be announcing a price increase any day too. You know - this pisses me off - I actually subscribe to the paper and pay to get it and its ads, and they keep taking out stuff I read, but still offering it free on the web. Nice business model. Perhaps Madoff gave lessons on running newspapers too.

And for god's sake, drop Peanuts rather than a living strip. I loved it, I buy the Fantagraphics collections, and I don't need it in place of a current strip.

[I just made the last two paragraphs the core of my letter to the Post]


David Hagen said...

I'm tracking with you, Mike.
I'm still searching for my Sunday Book World section.

Unknown said...

I emailed and just for added measure I emailed the Publisher, Ms. Weymouth. Not sure if it will do any good.

I did see that Judge Parker was getting 88% of the votes to be "saved" out of 800+ votes at Michael Cavna's "Comics Riffs" blog at the