Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 30: Kal on Maryland public television

Kal's sent a note in...

On March 30, Maryland Public television will air the terrific documentary "Citizen Schaefer". The show follows the formidable career of the colorful Maryland politician William Donald Schaefer. For 50 years Schaefer reigned as a larger than life character in Maryland politics serving as Baltimore city councilman, President of the city Council, Baltimore city Mayor, state Governor and Comptroller.

Schaefer's flamboyant style and paper thin skin also made him a gift for cartoonists and caricaturists. During the course of my 17 year stint as editorial cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun, I had ample opportunity to lampoon Hizzoner in pen and ink... much to his chagrin.

For the MPT documentary, I was approached to share some cartoons and stories about the Schaefer years. I was also commissioned to create a selection of short animations to act as chapter headings for the documentary. The clips were designed to look as if they were my black and white cartoons on the page of the newspaper coming alive.

The animations are assembled together in the short film that you can view here:

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