Thursday, August 21, 2008

Comics scholarship from Singer of Howard

Marc Singer's "Embodiments of the Real: The Counterlinguistic Turn in the Comic-Book Novel," Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 49 (3; Spring 2008): 273-289, just came out. Marc's teaching at Howard and ran SPX for a couple of years. The article deals with Lethem and Chabon for the most part. In mentioning it on the comix-scholar's email list, Marc said, "The article focuses on novels about comics (Chabon, Lethem, Moody, etc), but it also addresses some of the distinctive figurative possibilities of comics and it draws on the work of comics scholars like Don Ault, Scott Bukatman, and Richard Reynolds."

If that sounds like it's of interest to you, hit the library for inter-library loan or convince your library to order the journal.

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