Friday, August 29, 2008

BASH! Magazine #2..."featuring new stories from D.C. artists in your monthly comic alternative"

I noticed issue #2 of BASH! Magazine was on the stands today at the Vienna Metro station (though not in the kiosk at Gallery Place yet!). Says the cover, "This month in Bash Magazine read about the strange fates awaiting those who dare take fake vacations, walk obsure forest paths, order frozen lobster, travel to Cuba, or ride the bus!" It truly is a cornucopia of variety and strangeness. From your political-leaning cartoons by the likes of Keith Knight and Jen Sorensen to the illustrated poetry of John Dimes.

For your edification, the Table of Contents:

Something Peculiar by John Dimes
As I Wait by Theo Ellsworth
Something Happens by Thomas K. Dye
Limbs of the Megalith by Eamon Espey
Onionhead by Bryan Stone
K Chronicles by Keith Knight
One Cannot Travel Where There are Not Roads by Morgan Pielli
Slow Wave by Jesse Rekaw and Susan Ortiz
Cuba Libre by Dan Archer
Tiny Sepuku by Ken Cursoe
slowpoke by Jen Sorensen
Animal Stew by Matt Dembicki

All that, and free to boot!


CW said...

John Dimes is a local rising star! I've been following his work for some time. Do a search for his books on for more!

Unknown said...

John Dimes is one of the most amazing writers I've come across. Billed in the horror genre, I would have put it in the "blow your mind out of your skull" category with his "Intracations." Check it ...