Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make Mine Marvel - 1968!

I bought an interesting book today at the local con - The Full-Color Guide to Marvel Silver AGe Collectibles from M.M.M.S. to Marvelmania by J. Ballman (Totalmojo Productions, 2007, $29.95). I just love books like this that list the little-known byways of our hobby. As the title promises, this is full of color photographs of all the tchotchkes and merchandising Marvel did in the 1960s. There's stuff in here I never knew existed. Comics have never existed independently of merchandising, and this is a nice overview of Marvel's early modern years.

J. Ballman's from Maryland and is working on a 2nd edition of this book, but I'm glad I noticed and picked up this one. I'd recommend it to any Marvel or merchandising fan. I don't know if he goes to the Dunn Loring CapCon show regularly, but you can probably catch him there and check out some of the neat Marvel toys at his table too.


John Judy said...

Is that J for Joe because if so I remember him as being a regular customer at Big Planet Bethesda for many years. Good guy.

Mike Rhode said...

I'm afraid I don't know.