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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rory Root memorial photographs

Miron Murcury sent in these three pictures and encouraged me to post them. Please note that these are Miron's titles and the pictures are copyrighted by him.

Mark Bode at Rory Root memorial. June 21, 2008

Ron, Last Gasp, Turner

Why's everybody looking at me?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rory Root's memorial - guest column part 2

Here's Miron's remarks from the memorial:

Rory was the kind of knowledgeable reader who'd pick up a coverless comic and say, 'Atlas, I knew them well.'

He was a marvel who supported many of the industry's dark horses. His interests, as many speakers will attest, ran the spectrum from AC to DC, Archie to Zap, Little Lulu to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. For a celibate guy, he sure enjoyed a lot of sects.

I've known Rory for about 25 years. We first met as employees of Bob Beerbohm's 'Best of Two Worlds' comicbook shop, on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California. He understood the value and need of selling anything and everything. If there were a rainbow flag made from four colors Rory, a real life comic book guy, might have inspired it.

Some will say, 'He never grew up.'

I will say, 'Rory brought his childhood sweetheart forward through life and time. He bravely married his fortunes to the art that dared not speak it's name at a time when society shunned comicbook love. To the surprise of professional critics and cynical skeptics, they survived and prospered.

It was a good, independent life for them both. Like many happy couples they watched their children, named the Store and the Industry, grow, mature and have many successful children of their own. Tonight I see Rory, a loveable racantour, posed imitating a Grant Wood painting: He is Outstanding in his field.

Thank you Rory.

In realizing his dream he provided serious comic relief many.

Friends forever, pals for life.

Miron Murcury

Rory Root's memorial - guest column

Our California correspondent Miron Mercury sent this in tonight:

June 21 the first day of summer was as hot as a barb on Q and the longest day in memory. My birthday and Rory Root's memorial shared the same heat drenched day.

Comic Relief, the famous Berkeley, California comicbook shop that Rory and Mike Patchen opened in April 1987, hosted the memorial party.

Hundreds of geeks and freaks, punks and hippies, parents with their children and children who found a home in the warm embrace of a comics store came to pay homage to a fallen brother.

The crowd littered the sidewalk like scree spilled from a mountain hidden in the store. The store floor was packed, resembling a crowded George Perez superhero poster. In attendance were heroes and heroines from many companies, countries and decades.
Ron Turner, still looking like himself, Joe Field, a founder of WonderCon, owner of Flying Colors, creator of Free Comics Day, and representatives of the Berkeley Downtown improvement

Everyone toasted Rory with stories and remembrances. Some people, actually lots of friends, toasted Rory with glasses drank in his memory. Salute. La Chaim. We drink to life.

The event felt like a warm fuzzy Viking's funeral. I do suspect that if Rory were there he'd want a pyre.

Mark and Molly Bode were there. Things are good for them. You know about the (not so) recent cartoon movie deal. Also, he's been working with Puma, the sneaker manufacturer. There's some kind of Bode Lizard 'Hoodie' that's going to be made. The future bodes well ... for us all.

More then a two dozen people spoke on Rory's behalf.

Bob Wayne, representing DC comics, spoke highly of Rory's devotion to comics. He reminded the attentive audience that Rory was always, 'Asking, cajoling and bothering me to get DC to publish graphic novels and keep them in print. He was never slow to pay a compliment and just as quick to call me up over an error our company was making.'

The lovely Sequential Tart reminded every one of Rory's quick and immediate support. She was, like many speakers, grateful to Rory.

My short piece felt twice to long when in front of a watching crowd.

Some speeches went on for hours! Were those people part Ent?

??? Hey??? What's this white cylindrical object in my pocket in an Altoids tin? Ahh, it's labeled ''Rory Root Rocket.'' It must be a memorial thing.

Picture a small group of astro nuts walking two baby blocks to the alley behind the original Comic Relief store. Once in the alley one large rotund guy in a Green Lantern shirt says to a short underground gent wearing a Jack Kirby Silver Surfer, 'Hey, you have a Larry Todd Proto Pipe! :) Well, let me fill that up.'

Then a guy came running into the alley pulling at his shirt buttons. He saw the crowd and exclaimed, 'Sheesh, there's never an empty ally any more!' He seem to be wearing a strange red undershirt with a huge S on it.

The Rory rocket was ignited without NASA's guidance. It sent everyone to the moon.

The memorial was a happy couple of hours. It provided an opportunity for old and new friends to renew their connections and remember rewarding decades now past. The smiles on everyone's face said, I'm glad I knew Rory. Our spirit was boosted by the warmth of friends, pals and comics countrymen.

Alee O'Saurous

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Patrick McDonnell report by guest columnist

Guest columnist Miron Murcury returns with the following report on Patrick McDonnell's appearance in Alameda, CA.

Good Humorist News

October 25, 2007. Newspaper cartoonist Patrick McDonnell spoke in Alameda, California at Books, Inc. McDonnell, the writer and cartoonist of MUTTS introduced his newest picture book, HUGS. The story features Jules the Kitten who travels the world hugging everyone he meets. He spoke on behalf of the East Bay SPCA.

After a few moments with HUGS, McDonnell from the audience suggestions drew the MUTTS characters on a 2X3 foot sketch pad. The quick sketches will later be auctioned by and for the benefit of the East Bay SPCA. For further information please contact:

McDonnell asked for questions from the enchanted audience.

'Who inspired you?'' A lady asked.

''Charles Schulz. I wanted to be Charles Schulz.'' McDonnell answered without hesitation. He went from Peanuts to spinach, pointing out the delights of Popeye and Krazy Kat.

''Will Eisner was a teacher of mine at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.'' He continued, ''I was an illustrator before becoming a newspaper strip cartoonist.''

Asked about Winsor McCay, he drew special attention to 'Little Nemo, So Many Splendid Sundays' edited by Pete Maresca.

''It was like seeing Little Nemo for the first time.'' McDonnell said in praise of Maresca's award winning book.

A member of the audience asked, ''You seem to have really shot to national prominence after your appearance in ARF. Will you be contributing to future issues?''

McDonnell, chuckling humorously, thanked editor Craig Yoe for his big break.

''Yes, I will be in the next issue of ARF.'' McDonnell revealed, ''Craig had the great idea of having today's cartoonists complete a Milt Gross multi-panel cartoon gag. I am one of the contributors.''

Click to find out everything about ARF, the unholy marriage of Art and Comics and to see McDonnell's contribution.

McDonnell will be a guest speaker at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Saturday, October 27, 1-3pm. He was tickled, (my interpretation of his excitement, disbelief and sense of awe), by the temporary mural sized reproduction of Schulz's homage panel featuring MUTTS characters.

After his talk McDonnell graciously signed books for the enthused crowd adding small character sketches at purchasers request.

The official Patrick McDonnell web site.

Photo c. 2007 MMurcury

--Miron Murcury

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Berkeley Breathed pictures - special edition!!!!

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed reads from and signs his children's book, Mars Needs Moms in Alameda, CA on May 11, 2007. Photos courtesy of ComicsDC stringer Miron Murcury.

And look at this excellent scrapbook:

At Miron's request, the original cd of photos is being donated to Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection. The link is over there on the right.

Here's a few recent articles on and interviews with Breathed, as they wait to go into my Comics Research Bibliography (link also over there on the right):

Now that he's a parent, a cartoonist ponders the ultimate sacrifice
Regan McMahon, San Francisco Chronicle Deputy Book Editor
Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Interview: Berkeley Breathed
by Ken Plume
Quick Stop Entertainment May 22, 2007

Just asking: A conversation with cartoonist/author Berkeley Breathed
– Eric Schelkopf
Northwest Herald (May 18, 2007)

Rehm, Diane. 2007.
Berkeley Breathed: "Mars Needs Moms".
National Public Radio's Diane Rehm Show (May 8).

Cartoonist knows kid lit
Cincinnati Enquirer (May 6, 2007)

Exclusive: Berkeley Breathed Speaks!
Berkeley Breathed, celebrated creator of the "Bloom County" comic strip, writes a book for the grammar school set.
By Jamie Reno
Newsweek May 3, 2007

Random Rules: Berkeley Breathed
by Tasha Robinson
Onion April 26th, 2007