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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Juana Medina window display at Politics and Prose

A Winter Wonderland at P&P

Come see our new holiday window display, spanning the entire storefront at our Connecticut Avenue location! We teamed up with local children's book author and illustrator Juana Medina, who drew characters playing against a snowy backdrop exclusively for this display in her typically colorful and vibrant style. Underneath, our Holiday Countdown Calendar will reveal a new item we love each day until December 24, so keep checking to see what's new. Appropriately, our first pick for the Countdown Calendar is the picture book Juana and Lucas, by Juana Medina.

Politics & Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse
(5015 Connecticut Ave. NW)

Bruce Guthrie stopped by and  took some photographs this afternoon. Click through to see more.

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas 66 years in the making

Last month we ran the following story about Bill Cogswell reading Whiz Comics in 1949. A friendly reader of ComicsDC, Brian C. (who lives nowhere around here and whom I'm only slightly acquainted with) actually sent a copy of the comic to me for Bill.  Here's Bill enjoying it today for Christmas in 2015.

Here's the original post:

My friend and neighbor Bill Cogswell used to collect comics back in the day. When his sister Ellen passed away recently, I saw this picture of them. It's Christmas 1949 and Bill appears to be reading Whiz Comics #119 (March 1950 cover date)* judging from the Grand Comics Database (which provided the image). Captain Marvel was the main feature.

Following the old familiar story, Bill's mother threw away his comic books when they moved within Arlington.

*comics came out months before their cover date to fool the newsstands into keeping them on display longer.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Original Christmas ornaments by cartoonists

Barbara Dale had a few people over to her house after a tour at Geppi's Entertainment Museum. After pizza, she coaxed people into decorating ornaments. Here's the one-of-a-kind ornaments now on my tree with a Thomas Nast's Santa Claus, a Cliffored Berryman's teddy bear (from the Smithsonian) and a couple of Snoopy's (from Hallmark's Peanuts line).

Carolyn Belefski

Joe Sutliff

Barbara Dale

Steve Artley

I kept getting this glowing nose on Artley's ornament - Christmas is magical after all...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Get a Cul de Sac ornament for 50% off tonight

Richard Thompson has an ornament of Alice dancing on the manhole cover for sale at Cafe Press. Tonight you can get it for 1/2 price ($6.25) by putting in the code SPRUCE at checkout. I assume Richard still gets his full share of the sale.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cartoonists on greeting cards

My grandmother died a few weeks ago at 96, and we've been going through her stuff. Nobody wanted all the greeting cards she saved since the 1940s, so I've been going through them. Here's a few that might interest this audience.

Miss Peach 1966 birthday cart
Miss Peach 1966 birthday card by Mell Lazarus.

Coker 1979 Hallmark birthday card 60KB-907-7
1979 Hallmark birthday card by the great MAD cartoonist Paul Coker.

and the interior message:

Coker 1979 Hallmark birthday card 60KB-907-7 interior

Mad artist 197x Hallmark birthday card 25V-98-7
This 1970-something Hallmark Valentine's Day card is by another MAD artists whose name is escaping me. Help?

And the interior message:

Mad artist 197x Hallmark birthday card 25V-98-7 interior

Finally here's a 1966 Christmas card from the Art Guild of Williamsburg with surprising good girl art and it's interior -

Christmas card - 1966 Art Guild of Williamsburg 5X-325 Good girl art

Christmas card - 1966 Art Guild of Williamsburg 5X-325 Good girl art interior

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cul de Sac Christmas sweater contest

Richard Thompson's announced a contest for the most ridiculous Christmas sweater, and you can win Christmas at his house with you in the role of Tiny Tim... no wait, it's actually an autographed copy of his book. Which is nothing to sneeze at.