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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harvey Pekar on Australian radio

I actually got a phone call from Australia last night - and I'm old enough to find that technologically marvelous and cool - for quotes for this story:

American Splendour's Harvey Pekar dies
Thea Dikeos reported this story on Wednesday, July 14, 2010
ABC News' PM

I'm going to keep mulling over that spontaneous Steinbeck comparison as I think there's something to it. When I mentioned Hemingway and Steinbeck, I initially meant Pekar was a quintessentially American writer, but I think he might have some real thematic links to Steinbeck.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The return of Comic Postcards

Found some more comic postcards at a flea market this weekend.

Munson  postcard - drinking comics' 60325
Here's a Walt Munson. Munson was mentioned last time I did this, but with a bit of poking around I discover he was a successful sports cartoonist after he did postcards with collections of originals at Syracuse and Wichita. Also at Wichita are some Clifford Berryman originals as well as other cartoonists.

Breger  postcard - changin to hotel 609 89372
Dave Breger did a cartoon while in the Army during World War II, just like Bill Mauldin, but his Pvt. Breger was never as popular as Willie and Joe. After the war, his cartoon Dave Breger got out of the service too. Personally I'd like to see a collection of these strips.
Breger  postcard - welcome back 601 89364

When I read this card, I thought it was quite possibly the raunchiest comic postcard ever seen.

Faber postcard - part came in

I've no idea who Faber was. Asking around, I got several opinions - women say they don't get it. Men say they can't believe this postcard went through the mail. The mild interpretation - the man is basically complaining about seeing something like a repeat on television. The raunchy - he's saying he had nestled in between a pair of those legs last night and left his seed. Oddly enough, both women asked where the upper bodies of the chorus line were.

WEG postcard-10
Poster Coaster postcard #010 by WEG (William Ellis Green) the Australian sports cartoonist who died in 2008. I found 7 of the series of ten, and you can see the rest on my Flckr site.

WEG postcard-8
Poster Coaster postcard #008. The card is a type of blotting paper.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Belgian cartoonist postcards (and a Caribean one)

Here's some more Secret History of Comics bits - postcards found at the State Dept. booksale last weekend.

I didn't recognize the artists behind these first 3 cards at all, but the style looked vaguely familiar - it's that Franco-Belgian look.

Mazel 22.010-50 Belgium postcard
Mazel artwork. #22.010-50 Belgian postcard.

Jean-Pol  22.010-58 Belgium postcard
Jean-Pol artwork. #22.010-58 Belgian postcard.

Jean-Pol  22.010-53 Belgium postcard
Jean-Pol artwork. # 22.010-53 Belgian postcard/

Now I want the rest of the set of course...

Kerschner Caribbean Classic Series card
Caribbean Classic Series postcard. Pam Kerschner artwork. She's a cartoonist on the Virgin Islands. See "Caribbean Living With a Sense of Humor," By Pam Kerschner.

And here's the great Pat Oliphant, working for the man (or the US Postal Service)...
Stamps - Oliphant maximum card
"This maximum card was issued in connection with the U.S./ Australia commemorative stamp which was jointly issued in Washington, D.C. and Sydney, Australia, on January 26, 1988. The stamps was designed by Roland Harvey of Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. The art shown on the reverse of this card was designed by the renowned syndicated cartoonist, Pat Oliphant.

No. 88-1