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Saturday, May 22, 2010

9 Chickweed Lane's post-war nookie

In a great extended flashback, Edna's grandmother has been telling of her World War II adventures as a femme fatale, who fell in love both with a German POW who taught her to sing better, and the American officer who sent her in. The American vanished during the invasion of France, but the Austrian has surface in New York, singing in the opera. The two have found each other and ... clenched hands have resulted.

This is the third example of sexuality that Brooke McEldowney has shown in his strip. Our notes on number one is here and number two is here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

9 Chickweed Lane continues to push the envelope

Last year, I blogged about 9 Chickweed Lane's virginity losing strips. Apparently that storyline was a success for creator Brooke McEldowney because he's now got Grandma reminiscing about her first boyfriends (two and a time! warring countries!) and 'feeling a salute,' if you know what he means...

Chickweed makes reading the comics feel like watching modern tv, not Ozzie and Harriet!

Friday, December 04, 2009

R. Fiore declares Cul de Sac "the best contemporary newspaper comic strip'

Comics Journal columnist R. Fiore declares Cul de Sac is "the best contemporary newspaper comic strip,' arguing with Bob Harvey over 9 Chickweed Lane. Heretically, I may agree with Bob, as Chickweed is continuing stories with a bit of spice in them; it really depends what I'm in the mood for though.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Weingarten's Chatalogical Humor chat on some comics

Here's some comments on comic strips from Gene Weingarten's January 6th chat that mirror some of the concerns of this blog lately:

2D, color on Sunday: You once called 9 Chickweed Lane "reprehensible." Why? Is it the pseudo-sophistication? The unbearably snotty and phony way the characters speak? The lack of chins?

While we're there, have you followed the latest story, in which Amos and Edda finally have sex? I wonder: Is this the first time a character has lost his or her virginity ("maidenhood" in the strip) in the comics?

And finally, I had to laugh when I saw this,* in which McEldowney whines about the cruel realities of deadline to explain why the loss-of-virginity storyline is on hiatus.

Gene Weingarten: Interestingly enough, we appear to be watching the deflowering of Cory this very week in "Watch Your Head."

Liz, can we link to one or two? Watch Your Head: Jan. 3 | Jan. 5 | Jan. 6


comic,AL: What's your opinion on the "pseudo-affair" plot line in Sally Forth? Although it would be scandalous, and since the strip is called "Sally Forth," unlikely, for Ted to take Aria up on her offer I think it would be a huge improvement to the strip for him to develop a backbone. Otherwise I think Sally will just say "walkies!" and he will follow her home like the good dog that he is.

Gene Weingarten: I am annoyed by possessiveness in marrige, so I am annoyed by this plot line. Having said that, it is an interestingly ambiguous dynamic, and I respect the writers for it: Nothing is "going on," and yet both parties are disturbed. So is, in fact, something "going on"?

To me, the great part of the Sally Forth storyline is Sally's ma constantly intimating that Ted is a woman.

*one of our famed local comic strip artists was also caught short by his syndicate deadlines, but worked through a family vacation to stay on time...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Speaking of lewd comic strips... 9 Chickweed Lane cartoonist deflowers characters

One of the strips I really like that's not in Washington papers has had some hot moments lately. The main characters of 9 Chickweed Lane, Edda (the girl) and Amos (the boy) rather obviously lost their virginity during the week of November 4th. IIRC, their virginal status was a main point in the news a couple of years ago. However, no one else picked this story up and I thought I might be way off in spite of strips like November 8th.

You can follow the whole story, including the voyeurism of the whole city of Brussels (November 13th) and quickies in the men's room (November 24th), at this link. It'll take a while to load.

Bob Harvey confirmed the story on his subscription website's Rants and Raves column.
Bob wrote:

McEldowney displayed the same surpassing skill in October and November, when Edda and Amos succumb to the inevitable. McEldowney handles this delicate matter with great humanity and comedic agility. He's an authentic storytelling master in the medium. No one can surpass him; Trudeau has, on various matters, equaled McEldowney in skill, subtlety and flair, but no one has surpassed him...

The visual device by which McEldowney depicts the deflowering of Edda and Amos is sheer genius—entwining hands. Breath-taking...

...Yet Chickweed Lane is in fewer than, oh, 70 papers. The rest of America doesn't know what it's missing.

When I asked McEldowney about this episode, he e-mailed back: "I'd been thinking about this sequence for a long time, mainly because the characters were edging that way all on their own. A lot of reader commentary has erupted over it, in particular warring camps representing love and romance vs. morality (with a smattering of concern over cartoon characters as role models). Me? I just think it is fiction, two characters, and a story. Getting away with it has been the tricky part. Not a word was ventured by my syndicate, United Feature, much to their credit—and it must have caused them moments of concern. The thing is, the story is not over yet. I'm still
tiptoeing along the tight rope."

I like this strip. We need it in the Post. And then they can censor it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

9 Chickweed Lane

Neither the Post nor the Times run 9 Chickweed Lane which I can't understand and I really don't get Gene Weingarten's professed dislike especially when it has strips like this.