Friday, July 21, 2017

Aug 1: Marc Tyler Nobleman talk on Batman CANCELLED

From: Marc Tyler Nobleman

If you haven't yet heard me tell the story of the borderline obsessive quest that took nearly ten years of my life (brief description below), please join me for this special event/talk. (If you have heard it, you are no less invited. In fact, you may get a sticker.)

August 1, 2017
2055 L Street NW
Washington DC
  • 6:30 pm happy (half) hour
  • 7:00 presentation
  • 8:00 Q&A/shake heads in disbelief
  • 8:30 reception
Free of charge and open to the public, but you must RSVP at the link above. Hope to see you there!

Marc Tyler Nobleman

The talk:

Batman's Biggest Secret

"Wow—incredible! An inspiration—absolutely gripping story everyone should hear."
—attendee, Charlotte S. Huck Children's Literature Festival, CA

In 1939, a writer co-created a character that would become one of the most successful fictional icons in world history. In 1974, he died poor and unknown to the public. In 2015, defying longstanding odds, and involving not one but three twists, his legacy was saved...thanks to one author's unprecedented campaign to correct cultural history.

This story has surprised and moved audiences from Tanzania to Thailand—even those who could not care less about superheroes. It has inspired multiple books, a TED talk, an NPR segment...and something bigger. You haven't heard a story like it...

"I feel like I just watched Rocky for the first time."

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