Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 29: Superhero Homicide at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse


Die Laughing Productions enters the world of Superheroes and Supervillians with Superhero Homicide: Dawn of Deathdealer. This hilarious, interactive murder mystery show transports you to the Superhero hall of fame, the Hall of Heroes. One of the world's greatest Superheroes is about to be inducted into the Hall but unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Superheroes plus Supervillians equals a super sized murder and it's up to you figure out who did it. Superhero Homicide stars 98 Rock's own superhero, Justin Schlegel but most importantly it stars you. Everyone has a little superhero in them and this is your time to prove it. Put on your detective hat and cape and solve this murder. The future of the world depends on it. Real life Superheroes get in free.

Eat. Drink Laugh. Solve a murder.

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