Monday, March 21, 2016

Political cartoonist Glenn Foden of Maryland has died

Foden's work appeared on Comics Kingdom.

His Facebook profile says

  • All posts from Mr. Foden's page on Facebook:
     Greensburg, PA ·
    I was saddened to wake this morning to the news of the loss of conservative editorial cartoonist, Glenn Foden.
    Glenn was about as good as a friend as any person could ever ask for. I was unfortunate in that I never had the chance to meet him in person, but we spoke quite often online, and it felt as if we had been pals for years. He was a gifted cartoonist whose witty online comments I thoroughly enjoyed.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family during their time of loss.

    A brain aneurysm has taken this brilliant and talented man decades too soon. RIP Glenn Foden, designer of the first Curtis Knight Band logo and renowned "custom cow painter".

    Terry C Wise
      Glendale, KY
    Fellow conservative editorial cartoonist and friend, Glenn Foden has passed. I enjoyed our side conversations, his advice, his humor, and his tenacity.
    You'll be missed in many ways by many.

    Gary McCoy to Glenn Foden
    Deepest condolences to Teresa and the rest of Glenn's family on his tragic loss. My prayers are with you. Our conservative side lost a champion voice in our medium. And humanity lost an all around great guy.

    John Rose to Glenn Foden

    March 21 2016
    I am so sorry to hear of Glenn's death! I will miss his conservative voice on the editorial pages and his beautiful artwork. I have followed Glenn and his work since the days when we were both creating cartoons for Associated Features--what a huge loss for our cartooning community. He was such a terrific talent! My prayers go out to Teresa and his friends and family.

    I want to express my condolences to the family of Glenn Foden. Glenn passed away today. Glenn was a very conservative editorial cartoonist who I often enjoyed arguing with. I hope he enjoyed it too. We shared a love of Beagles, free speech and fiery debate. Mahalo, Glenn.

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