Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pre-ordering Mercenary Pig #1- Meatcutter!


The February 2014 issue of Previews Magazine is about to be released and I need everyone within earshot of this e-mail to use the comic shop locator link below:


To find the shop nearest you (just type your zip code into the search bar), go there and tell them: "Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter is listed for order in February's Previews under Aazurn Publishing, order #FEB140868. It's a pork-humor filled, action packed origin story, and I WANT MINE!!!"

Order multiple copies if you like, but you'll want to do this THIS WEEK, as most shops place their orders the first week of the month (in this case Feb. 2014). Then you'll need to go back there in the first week of April 2004 and pick up your copy. That's the ONLY way to get this comic book. This is a $4.99 investment into what will surely become a COLLECTOR'S ITEM!

Here's the link to the Mercenary Pig Facebook Page to see what I'm talking about:


Meanwhile, here also is the link to the teaser video created for YouTube by editor Gary Beatty. Enjoy- then go order your copy!


Tom Arvis- creator/publisher
Mercenary Pig & Sureshot Comics

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