Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feb 1: Batman Burlesque Comes to Washington DC

Cyn Factory Proudly Presents:

ARKHAM UNDRESSED- Batman Burlesque at the Bier Baron

The sexy sirens of Arkham Asylum have broken loose and are headed straight for Washington DC!

Will the Riddler be able to outsmart the best and brightest of our country's political leaders?

Will the Joker and Catwoman be able to pull one over on the caped crusader?

Will the Dynamic Duo be able to stop these nefarious schemes before it's too late!?!?!

Come find out for yourself on Saturday February 1st at the Bier Baron.

Doors open at 8pm for some Bat-tastic Gogo stylings, because these ladies have been itching to get out from behind those bars and start dancing on this bar instead.

Show starts at 10pm and these lovely ladies are as deadly as they are sexy, so DON'T Keep them waiting.

Mary Cyn
Lefty Lucy
Magdalena Fox
GiGi Holliday

Kittened by Sarah Tops

Hosted by Mr, Geoff Tops

Tickets available at here

Bier Baron is located at 1523 22nd Street NW
Washington DC 20037. 8pm Doors, 10pm Show.

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