Wednesday, January 08, 2014

American Political Science Association's Symposium on the Politics of Superheroes

The Washington-based American Political Science Association's journal PS: Political Science and Politics has just published a symposium on "The Politics of Superheroes," edited by Matthew Costello and Kent Worcester. 

During January 2014, these articles will be free online, and then disappear behind a paywall. Click on the Table Of Contents for the entire issue and then scroll down to find the articles. Click on the "PDF" or "HTML" icons below the titles for the complete contents.

The Politics of the Superhero - Introduction
Matthew J. Costello and Kent Worcester

"A is A": Spider-Man, Ayn Rand, and What Man Ought to Be
Claudia Franziska Bruhwiler

Hell's Kitchen's Prolonged Crisis and Would-Be Sovereigns: Daredevil, Hobbs, and Schmitt
Anthony Peter Spanakos

Negotiating the Third Wave of Feminism in Wonder Woman
Carolyn Cocca

Men of Steel? Rorschach, Theweleit, and Watchmen's Deconstructed Masculinity
Mervi Miettinen

The Imperial Superhero
Chris Gavaler

Superheroes in Hong Kong's Political Resistance: Icons, Images, and Opposition
Dan Garrett

Fighting the Battles We Never Could: The Avengers and Post-September 11 American Political identities
Annika Hagley and Michael Harrison

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