Monday, September 02, 2013

Beyond Comics - Villains Month Announcement!

DC Comics Villains Month Announcement!

Allocations Will Occur

on many titles!

Dear Valued Customers,

This week marks the beginning of DC Comics' Villains Month Event. Promising a lot of fun for readers, all of DC's titles are being taken over by the villains. As part of the event, all titles will ship with 3D lenticular covers, at a cost of one extra dollar.

However, as many of you are aware through industry news sites, DC had problems with print numbers, and many of the titles are being allocated, with shops' orders being partially filled for the special covers. Some of these allocations are rather extreme, under 30% fulfillment on some titles, while others will be completely filled. To help make up for this, DC is shipping second print regular cover versions of all the Villains Month titles, the same days as the 3D covers, at regular cover price.

Due to the large number of in-store subscribers, we simply cannot guarantee that any given customer will be able to get any given 3D cover. There is just no easy way to track purchasing as it goes, over the course of a month, in order to do something along the lines of first come, first served. As a result, all subscriptions will be filled randomly. On any given title, a subscriber may get the 3D cover or the 2D cover. There is no way to tell in advance, and there will be no preferential treatment where this is concerned.

We apologize in advance for this, wishing there were a way to make all customers happy at once, but it is completely out of our hands. We hope that despite the issue with the covers, you still enjoy Villains Month, as well as its follow-up, Forever Evil.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Staff of Beyond Comics

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