Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lost Art Books at Small Press Expo Sept. 14-15

exhibiting at the
Sept. 14-15

Dear Friends,

In short order we will be exhibiting once again at this year's Small
Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. It's the best convention of it's
kind anywhere on the globe, and we're quite lucky that it is in our
proverbial backyard.

This year Lost Art Books is debuting "The Lost Art of Matt Baker: The
Complete Canteen Kate," a book we've been working toward for a few
years now. In addition to offering this latest title in paperback and
hardcover formats, we'll also have on hand a limited-edition Matt
Baker print as well as an even smaller number of Canteen Kate t-shirts
for sale (about 20), exclusively available at our convention
appearances. We're especially pleased with our promo video for the
"Lost Art of Matt Baker" book, and encourage you to check it out at
the link below:

Ellen and I really hope you'll find some time on the weekend of Sept.
14-15 to drop by and say hello. I promise you won't be disappointed in
the abundance of creativity on display by the throng of talented
artists and small publishers who are exhibiting this year (go to for more information along those lines).

Warm regards,

Joe Procopio and Ellen Levy
Lost Art Books

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