Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PR: Reader's Digest Searches For The Next Great Cartoonist

Student cartoonists from the local universities might be interested.







NEW YORK (September 16, 2013) – Hey, you! Yes, you. Are you a student who is currently contributing your own cartoons, comics, animations, or other hilarious visuals to your school paper, magazine, or website? Or, are you convinced you're just as funny as they are (if not more so)?


If you're between ages 14-23, with talent for creating funny cartoons, comics, animations, or other hilarious visuals, then the Reader's Digest first annual Search for the Next Great Cartoonist contest is for you.


Make Reader's Digest judges laugh with your best visual humor and you could win cash prizes and the chance to appear in Reader's Digest print and digital editions. Four finalists will receive $500 with the Grand Prize winner taking home $1,000.


The contest starts now! All entries must be received by noon ET on December 2, 2013.



To enter, click here: http://www.rd.com/cartoonist-contest/


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