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Game On! Comics: All the 411 you need to know about Marvel NOW

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What's up with this new Marvel NOW??
Dear Mike,


Remember the news that DC was changing the game and relaunching their iconic universe?  Well, that sense of excitement and anticipation is back, for MARVEL NOW!  While Marvel is not relaunching their universe, they are shaking things up a bit, all in the aftermath of their AVENGERS VS X-MEN event.

We won't spoil anything, but if you've been following AvX then you know how much has been stirred up, and even knowing everything from the first 11 issues, there's still so much left to discover.

And yet, this is also a prime opportunity for new fans to discover the dynamic MARVEL Universe that they may have only before known from the television shows or movies, such as the mega-blockbuster AVENGERS, just released on DVD.  If you only know these characters from the films, or you've just never gotten around to reading the AVENGERS or X-MEN titles, now is your chance to get in on a *new* ground floor!

MARVEL is not only shaking up teams and characters, but creative teams as well, bringing different voices to familiar characters.  Also, Brian Michael Bendis, arguably *the* architect of the Marvel Universe these past few years, is stepping away from his brilliant run on the AVENGERS family of titles and allowing new teams, including Rick Remender, Jonathan Hickman and Kelly Sue DeConnick (who have more than proven themselves on books like Uncanny X-Force, Fantastic Four, and Captain Marvel).

So, to recap: NEW titles, CLASSIC characters, EXCITING adventures...  So what's in it for you?

On OCTOBER 10, for the whole day, GAME ON COMICS will be a headquarters for the MARVEL NOW relaunch, beginning with the release of UNCANNY AVENGERS #1!

We will open at 11am with plenty of copies of UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, including the sought-after Skottie Young variant, along with promotional materials, buttons, posters, and lots of information on the MARVEL NOW titles following UNCANNY AVENGERS.

We will also have special sales, and opportunities to win rare variant covers for UNCANNY AVENGERS and future MARVEL NOW number 1 issues!

Want to know what's NEXT for NOW?  Here you go:

October 10
 - UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 (By Rick Remender and John Cassaday): Captain America creates the ultimate super team with Avengers and X-Men working together...but will that destroy Professor Xavier's dream before it comes to fruition?
 - RED SHE HULK #1 (Aka Hulk #58, by Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan): The Hulk universe shifts focus to...Betty Banner?  Yep, Thunderbolt Ross' little girl is now the strongest woman in the world, and THUNDERBOLTS scribe Jeff Parker is taking us along for the ride.

October 17
 - MARVEL NOW POINT ONE: This book will offer several short stories designed to introduce many of the new titles to readers, featuring...Nick Fury Jr?!

October 31
 - AVENGERS PLUS X-MEN #1: Another anthology, but unlike AvX VS which highlighted and expanded some of the biggest hero-fights in AvX, A-PLUS-X is the ultimate team-up book for your favorite Marvel heroes.  The first issue features Wolverine teaming up with...  Hulk?!

November 7
 - DEADPOOL #1 (Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Tony Moore): Daniel Way created a very memorable five-year run for everyone's favorite schizophrenic-mutant-assassin, and now the mantle falls to Duggan and comedian Posehn, and Moore, the artist and co-creator of WALKING DEAD.
 - IRON MAN #1 (Kieron Gillen and Greg Land): Gillen starts his run with a bang, with Tony Stark having to find a cure for the lethal Extremis virus and create a new suit before it's too late.

November 14
 - ALL NEW X-MEN #1 (Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen): After events in AvX, Xavier's original five students are plucked from the past and thrust into the middle of a new conflict, and a world they fought to make better.
 - FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley): Fraction shifts from guiding one of Marvel's smartest minds in Tony Stark to its greatest families in the Fantastic Four, and he's bringing popular Spider-Man and Avengers artist Mark Bagley along to take us on a journey through the wonders of time...*and* space.
 - THOR GOD OF THUNDER #1 (Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic): Aaron, guiding the Jean Grey School in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, takes THOR back to its medieval roots and introduces readers to...the GOD BUTCHER.
 - X-MEN LEGACY #1 (Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat): Legion returns following the events of AvX and fights to find his own place in the Universe.  Can he help make Xavier's dream a reality?
 - AVENGERS: ASSEMBLED #9 (Kelly Sue DeConnick and Stafano Caselli): DeConnick takes over the Avengers reins with the same dynamic storytelling that has made CAPTAIN MARVEL a hit after only a few issues.  ASSEMBLED features the movie cast in the traditional Marvel Universe, and starts off with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner competing to locate a missing scientist.

November 21
 - INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #1 (Mark Waid and Leinel Yu): Not much needs to be said about this book. If you've been reading Waid's DAREDEVIL then you know what he brings to the table.  How about this: he's made HULK an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
 - CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 (Rick Remender and John Romita Jr): Remender has a reputation for offbeat stories, and he takes over CAPTAIN AMERICA with a bang: Cap is stranded on an inhospitable world with no way home and no allies.

November 28
 - FF #1 (Matt Fraction and Mike Allred): With the Fantastic Four off saving the universe, another four are called upon to keep things safe back on earth.  If you enjoyed Fraction's take on DEFENDERS, then this book is for you.

December 5
 - AVENGERS #1 (Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena): Avengers gets reborn with a truly massive lineup, including Cap, Wolverine, Hulk and Captain Marvel.

Other new titles coming soon include:
 - THUNDERBOLTS #1 (Daniel Way and Steve Dillon bring us a new team, including Punisher, Red Hulk, Elektra, and Deadpool, so if you loved Way's DEADPOOL, you'll want this book!
 - AVENGERS ARENA #1 (Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker combine AVENGERS ACADEMY with HUNGER GAMES).
 - CABLE & THE X-FORCE #1 (Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larocca bring the big guy back!)
 - UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 (Sam Humphries and Ron Garney relaunch the mutant black ops team with Psylocke in charge).   

Intrigued? So are we! Now, to guarantee yourself copies of these and other NOW titles, send us an email or use our handy form at to get signed up!  Only members are guaranteed copies, plus special incentives and rewards.  We look forward to experiencing these relaunches with you, and look forward to helping you jump on board.


Your GAME ON! Gang: Louis, Dave, J.R., and Giahn 

Louis Meyer
Game On! Comics

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