Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PR: New Comic Book Kickstarter from Fredericksburg, VA



Comicbook Heroes Need Your Help to Make History!
Fredericksburg, VA, August 13th, 2012  -  A new comic book universe is about to launch. New heroes. New villains. An entirely new universe of adventures. But, the heroes need you to join in and rid the universe of scum and villainy.

Xion Studios will be publishing two pilot issues in one 'flip book' formatted comic, featuring characters from author Charlie McElvy's award-winning "The WatchGuard Sourcebook", which is now available on Amazon.com and from local gaming stores. This popular gaming sourcebook is the first of its kind to make the leap from superhero role-playing game device to comic book. Never before has a superhero supplement been published solely as a comic book, and this endeavor is designed to produce not one, but two comic book stories in one double-sized publication.

Xion Studios has created a Kickstarter campaign to see this off. Kickstarter is a popular crowd-funding vehicle, wherein users can make pledges to projects they deem worthwhile, essentially investing in the project, and they are often rewarded for their participation if the project is successfully funded by the end of its campaign. This campaign is designed to off-set printing, production, and marketing costs, as well as support the artistic efforts to produce such high-quality work as found in today's popular comic books.

Essentially a remote comic and art studio, Xion Studios has published founder/creator Charlie McElvy's "The WatchGuard Sourcebook" to popular acclaim and awards. Nominated "Fan-Favorite Publisher" for the gaming industry's ENNIE Awards in 2012, Xion continues to pursue high-quality, approachable products for a large demographic. This will mark Xion's first foray into producing comic books.

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