Monday, August 20, 2012

Game On! player wins Heroclix World Championship!

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Dear Mike,

Alex Avila wins Heroclix World Championship on August 20th!
  HC Alex winner
Alex has been recently playing at Game On! and he will be by tomorrow night to talk about his championship team and experience at Gen Con!
Before our 7pm tournament on August 21st, come hang out and meet Alex.  He can even sign your Wasp, Morgan Le Fay, and Scarlet Witch game cards (his game winning team)!  
After winning the last chance qualifier yesterday, newcomer, Alex Avila storms through the World Championship; going undefeated in both days of competition! In the finals, he faced off against 2010 World Champion and 2012 Origins Champion, George Massu!


Please forward this email to your friends so that everyone can stay in the loop!

Chaos War Event!
August 25th, 4pm

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Heroclix at Game On! Comics Saturday, August 25th, at 4 p.m., Booster Chaos! Purchase two boosters from the venue and build a team with the complete contents of one of them. Anything can (and probably will) happen! 




1st and 2nd Prize and Fellowship:


Spiderman LE 104

HC spiderman  

Tuesday, August 21st, 7pm
Apoc convention

Yes, you are seeing this correctly!  The prize for this event is the Apocalypse LE Convention figure!   This figure sells for over $100 on eBay.   

BUT, you can only play in this Tournament IF you are a VIP Game Member.  And it's FREE if you are a Member!!  One of the perks to being a Game On! Comics VIP Game Member is that we will have special events that only Members can attend and this is the first one! 
We are going to do something different for this tournament though.  EVERYONE will have a chance to win this figure.  Every person that plays will get one raffle ticket.  Then at the end of the tournament we will randomly choose one winner.  That person will win the Apocalypse figure!  We will have a prize for first place too.  

If you are not a VIP member its not too late!!  Just become a member by August 21st and you can play.   Come into the store to become a member.  It's only $25 per year.  With membership you get 10% off all game items (like Heroclix), never pay tournament fees, special events just for members, and your own box at Game On! to store anything at the shop.
The build will be a 300 Point team, Modern Rules, 
No Feats, No BFCs, No special objects (Including the Infinity Gauntlet).


Important Dates



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DC Justice League New 52


August 29th 

HC 10th DCHC 10th Marvel

Marvel and DC Heroclix 10th Anniversary







Game On! Comics


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