Saturday, December 10, 2011

That darn Toles redux

Violence on the editorial page

Washington Post December 9 2011

Is there to be no end to Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles's use of violence in an attempt to make political points? In recent days, I have seen the Republican elephant with a shovel about to murder the Democratic donkey looking stupidly into a grave (dug by whom?) [Nov. 28], a European beer drinker committing suicide (maybe) as he falls unaware to his certain death [Dec. 1] and finally Newt Gingrich getting ready to blow himself up as would a suicide bomber [Dec. 4]. Isn't there a less violent, more positive way to express political points?

As I get older (I'm 67) and turn away from violence and created drama and toward God and brotherly love, I am looking elsewhere than The Post for inspiration.

Mike Thompson, Hollywood, Md.

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mike flugennock said...

Is there no end to newspaper readers with a stick up their ass and no sense of perspective who don't have anything better to bitch about than allegorical cartoon violence while Obama's drones kill civilians in Pakistan and the police in Oakland and New York City beat and gas nonviolent protesters in the streets?