Thursday, December 29, 2011

PR: Kal in Malibu Magazine

From: Kevin Kallaugher:

Friends and colleagues

As the year draws to a close I wanted to share some news that I hope you'd find of interest.

First I am currently profiled in this month's Malibu magazine. It is a short unique feature called 10 x 10 where they ask a guest 10 curious questions. My favorite: What tunes would be on the five-song playlist to your life? How would you answer that?

You can read the interview here:

I just completed the cover for this week's edition of The Economist (see attached). This is somewhere between my 130th and 140th cover for the magazine in my 33 years with them.

I just completed the first of a series of short animations for The Economist that will be aired in the early months of 2012... I am very excited about these...stay tuned!

Speaking of 2012, The Economist 2012 Wall Calendar is doing very well. You can still order copies from me at my website...

Also in 2012... I hope to publish a collection of my cartoons from The Economist (my 6th book) mid year...

And I have some surprising news to share in the weeks ahead...

I would like to wish you best for a peaceful and prosperous 2012


Kevin Kallaugher

The iKAL iPhone App is now available at the iTunes store.

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