Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick Baltimore Comic-Con notes

Local cartoonists have a good presence, at what appears to be a very popular con this year.

Two that are new to me - Mark Burrier of Frederick and Pixar animator Marty Baumann of Arlington have tables. Burrier is next to Richmond's Adhouse books.

Steve Conley, John Gallagher with his new Buzzboy book, and Shannon Gallant are in the southwest corner, near Baumann. Close by them, Carla Speed McNeil and JK Snyder are on the south wall.

Jerry Carr, Jason Lytle and at least one other DC Conspiracy member are on the west wall.  Opposite them in Mark Wheatley, who has 4 sketchbooks and 2 large Giclee prints for sale.

Joe Carabeo and Carolyn Belefski of Curls have a table - they've got 3 new minis. Rafer Roberts is at one labelled FUBAR. Jacob Warrenfeltz is at the con, but I haven't found his table yet. Same with Chris Piers and Bill McCay. Jim Dougan is roaming around and can be contacted through the Act-I-Vate table. Dougan's in the Act-I-Vate Primer which is for sale at the table.

I was asked what the deal of the con that I found was - I think it's Bernie Wrightson's original art from the Punisher POV for $60/page.  For those with a love of Little Nemo, Jeremy Bastian has prints of the original art that he had last year for $25.

Back to the show. Pictures later or tomorrow.


Randy said...

Don't forget Rand Arrington! And Pop Mhan and Sal Buscema were roaming the floor briefly on Saturday as well (though I didn't physically see either one).

Mike Rhode said...

I also missed Dan Nokes until Sunday. I'm sorry to miss Sal Buscema - I grew up on his work.