Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PR: SPX Needs Your Help With Room Reservations at Marriott

Hey, we need a little help from those of you that will be staying at the Marriott.

Here is the scoop. We reserve a block of rooms every year at the 'special' rate, this year being $109/night w/o taxes. If we do not fill a certain percentage of those rooms by a specific date, which right now is August 19 (trying to get it extended, will keep you posted..) we then have to pay the Marriott the difference.

At this point we are 37 rooms short, which means we would pay the Marriott $4625.

Money we would much rather give to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

So, if anyone is out there that just has not gotten around to making their reservations, please make them ASAP. This would help us out alot.

Here is the web site for the hotel:

Use EXPEXPA in the Group Code field under "Special Rates and Rewards" right above the FIND button on the left hand side of the page below where you enter the dates for your rooms.

Oh, if for some reason you see a cheaper rate out there that you use, please send me an e-mail at so we can get credit for your rooms.

Thanks a ton for your help, we appreciate it!!

See all of you soon,



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