Monday, August 08, 2011

Comic Book Diner: Fun & Funny Graphic Novel Boxed Set at Kickstarter

I just got my copy from John yesterday, and got to see my daughter's cameo - very cool.

Project Update #23: Want to Star in a Comic Book?

In case you are missing this at our new Kickstarter page, we have started on the cameos-- we've added seevearl more otions to star in Leon, Roboy and Buzzboy-- check it out!

Here's just one of the cameos from Buzzboy-- first up, Joe Murray from Captain Bluehen, with text added. We've already shown this page, but I wanted you to see that we can really hit the likeness-- or Rich can, when he fixes up my art to his satisfaction! :)

Joe is one of our oldest friends in comics, and a retailer that can take on anything! His comics shop in Newark DE, Captain Bluehen Comics is super cool! It's funny, but I really didn't think to push the comic book cameos on facebook until last night-- and a few of you were kind enough to upgrade to the Cameo tier-- if you know anyone who wants their shot at comics stardom, either in the affordable $100 cameo, or as a featured character (See the $300 tier), this is their chance!

Thanks again-- and if you are one of the many from the first Kickstarter project, welcome back!


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