Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 17: Kal and Danziger in Georgetown

On Jan 17, editorial cartoonists Kal and Jeff Danziger will be in Georgetown at Hudson on 2030 M St at 7 pm for "Obama's Portfolio". This sounds great - unfortunately I can't make it.

From the press release:

With a touch of art, style and humor Art Soiree celebrates one year of Obama’s presidency by presenting a one of a kind exhibition.

Join us Sunday, January 17th at 7pm for the most unique and controversial event in the country.

Obama’s Portfolio: Humorous highlights of the first year in office.

For ages graphic satire has been a significant journalistic medium and a catalyst for political debate. This exclusive ONE NIGHT ONLY exhibition will feature the most renowned editorial and political cartoonists from world’s top newspapers and magazines. Their works have been published in the Economist, NYTimes, Huffington Post and many other well known publications. Come and judge for yourself whether their graphic satire represents your, the citizen’s, perspective of the political life. The exhibition will provide a full analysis on Obama’s administration through political cartoons published in 2009.

All of this and more will take place this Sunday at Hudson Restaurant and Lounge – a great spot for socializing with friends over distinctively creative cocktails and great food in a warm and elegant atmosphere.

As always, Art Soiree promises to draw area’s most celebrated figures in both social and political arenas, may be even the president himself!!!

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