Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comics on the Rack, 01-20-10

(Quick Picks for Comics Due 01-20-10)
by John Judy
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #618 by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin.  "Mysterio: Un-dead and loving it!"
AVENGERS VS AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.  A bit of space-time screwiness results in the Atlas gang duking it out with Captain America and the original Avengers!  Retro-lovers must look!
BLACKEST NIGHT: THE FLASH #2 of 3 by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins.  Dead rogues versus live ones, Black Lantern-style!  Also the Flash(es)!
BRAVE AND BOLD #31 by J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz.  The Atom versus the Joker!  Yeah, you read it right…
CAPTAIN AMERICA #602 by Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.  The drug-addled, paranoid, racist Captain America from the 1950s is back!  But what's he been up to since resigning as Rush Limbaugh's life-coach?  Recommended.
DARK AVENGERS #13 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato.  The secrets of the Sentry are finally revealed!  No not those secrets!  The other ones!  No, those were last issue's secrets!  These are the real secrets, the double super-secret secrets!  You ain't never heard secrets like these, pal, believe you me!  This is actually a very fun comic which you should read.  Honest.
GARTH ENNIS BATTLEFIELDS: HAPPY VALLEY #2 of 9 by Garth and Carlos Ezquerra.  The crew prepares for their final bombing run against the German industrial heartland, but the krauts are preparing too.  Recommended.
HULK #19 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.  Red Hulk smash Thing!
INCORRUPTIBLE #2 by Mark Waid and Neil Edwards.  Ex-bad guy Max Damage is on the road to redemption, but can even he bring down the rogue Plutonian?  Recommended.
INCREDIBLE HULK #606 by Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier.  It's smashings a–plenty as "Fall of the Hulks" continues.
JOE THE BARBARIAN #1 of 8 by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy.  A mature readers series about a young Type-1 diabetic who may or may not be a fantasy adventure hero in a land full of toys.  It's Morrison so a look is required.
JOHN STANLEY LIBRARY: THIRTEEN GOING ON EIGHTEEN HC written and drawn by John Stanley.  Collecting the sixties comics series about two teens, Val and Judy, and all their cruel intentioned hijinks.  From Drawn & Quarterly and Seth.
MIGHTY AVENGERS #33 by Dan Slott and Khoi Pham.  The Mighty Avengers meet the Dark Avengers and things get mighty dark.  I mean, obviously…
PHANTOM STRANGER #42 by Peter J. Tomasi and Ardian Syaf.  Three words: Black.  Lantern. Spectre.  Reserve your copy now!
RASL #6 written and drawn by Jeff Smith.  Rasl gets serious about taking the lizard-faced killer out of the picture, but first he needs to swipe few more goodies.  Weird science!  Highly recommended!
SOLOMON KANE: DEATH'S BLACK RIDERS #1 of 4 by Scott Allie and Mario Guevara.  When Robert E. Howard's puritan Terminator goes questing through Germany's Black Forest you are permitted to feel pity for any bandit or demon who gets in his way.
SPIDER-WOMAN #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.  Spider-Woman! Skrulls!  And… wait, is it 2008 again?
STARMAN #81 by James Robinson, Fernando Dagnino and Bill Sienkiewicz.  The Shade versus a Black Lantern Starman.  Good times!
SUPERBOY: THE GREATEST TEAM-UPS EVER TOLD SC by Many Legendary Creators.  Collected here: Key issues of ADVENTURE, SUPERBOY and NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY featuring the boy of steel and his amazing friends!
T-MINUS: RACE TO THE MOON GN by Jim Ottaviani, Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon.  Bringing the space race between America and the USSR into glorious graphic novel form!  Recommended!
THUNDERBOLTS #140 by Jeff Parker and Miguel Angel Sepulveda.  When they're not fighting the original Avengers and/or each other the Atlas kids like to wail on the criminals masquerading as heroes a bit.  Let's look, shall we?
UNCANNY X-MEN #520 by Matt Fraction and Greg Land.  There appear to be three separate storylines in this comic so odds are you'll like at least one of them.
WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #9 by Jason Aaron and Yanick Paquette.  Wolvie's pals show up to bust him out of the nuthouse!  Let's hope they brought a lot of Bactine!  Recommended.

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