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Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 01-27-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 01-27-10
By John Judy
AFRODISIAC HC by Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg.  "By day he cleans up your office, by night he cleans up the streets: Alan Diesler, a.k.a. Afrodisiac!  A mysterious man from a faraway land – the original unbeatable, irresistible, smooth dark chocolate brother, b!^<!"  You want this in the worst possible way.  There's an eleven-page preview up on that will sell even the most hardened skeptic.  Highly recommended!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #619 by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin.  Mysterio's back working for the Maggia (I know…) and Aunt May has become Dark Aunt May!  This is totally the plot for the next Spider-Man movie!  Gotta look!
ARCHIE #605 by Michael Uslan and Stan Goldberg.  The final chapter in the "Archie Marries Betty" storyline in which things play out the way Nature intended.  Fun for all ages.
ASTRO CITY: THE DARK AGE BOOK FOUR #1 of 4 by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson.  The decades-spanning quest of the Williams brothers to catch their parents' killer continues.  It's the mid-80s and they're getting warmer.  Recommended.
ATOM AND HAWKMAN #46 by Geoff Johns and Ryan Sook.  Newly-minted member of the Indigo Tribe, Ray Palmer must use the indigo light of compassion to beat a pack of zombie Black Lanterns dressed up like his dearest friends.  Tough gig.
BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart.  It's "Blackest Night" Morrison-style featuring guest-stars galore!  Some actually living!
BLACKEST NIGHT: JSA #2 of 3 by James Robinson and Eddy Barrows.  Dead JSAers all around!  Black power rings hungry for hearts!  Earth-2's mightiest corpses!  Gotta look!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN #6 of 6 by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice.  This is the Big One!  The return of the dead star-spangled hero who's already been knocking around peripheral titles for the past month and a half!  Make Mine Timely!
CHEW #8 by John Layman and Rob Guillory.  Agent Chu must track down the murderers of some guys who make their living cock-fighting.  He must also track down a sense of urgency.  Recommended.
DAREDEVIL #504 by Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre.  Marvel promises a "shattering climax" in this one and that's always been good enough for me!  But whose climax will it be and what will it shatter?  Team Diggle!
FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #1 of 4 by Jeff Parker and Carlos Rodrigues.  Three words: "Cosmic. Hulk. Robot."  See you there!
FANTASTIC FOUR #575 by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham.  A new story begins here featuring the smartest moloid you'll ever meet.  Seriously, he's got his GED and everything.
GREEN LANTERN #50 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.  Hal Jordan versus the Black Lantern Spectre.  A grudge match beyond life or death.  Good thing Hal's bringing some help.
IRREDEEMABLE #10 by Mark Waid and Peter Krause.  In which we learn more about what Bette Noir and the Plutonian were up to behind everyone's back.  Rough stuff.  Recommended.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #6 of 7 by James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli.  Chopping off Red Arrow's arm was a bold move, but what else does Prometheus have up his sleeve?  Other than Red Arrow's arm, I mean…
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #41 by James Robinson and Mark Bagley.  When Congorilla joins the JLA that's either the first issue you're buying or the last.  On the other hand, he's no Rocket Red.
JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #35 by Bill Willingham and Travis Moore.  The gang decides they've taken enough guff for a while and starts dishing it out.  Piping hot!
KICK ASS #8 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.  Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl start killing people but they are all bad.  This will be a movie.  For real.  Not for kids.
NEW AVENGERS #61 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen.  Steve Rogers is back with the Avengers just in time for the Siege of Asgard.  Okay, awkward…
NORTHLANDERS #24 by Brian Wood and Leandro Fernandez.  Supplies are running low and now the Vikings have to go outside the village walls to forage, plague or not.  Was that a cough…?  Recommended.
PILOT SEASON: DEMONIC #1 by Robert Kirkman and Joe Benitez.  A new hero's in town and he's possessed by a homicidal demon!  Or is he?
PREVIEWS by Diamond and Marvel Comics.  A way to plan your future comics shopping that never crashes and won't try to sell you Viagra!
SUPERMAN #696 by James Robinson and Bernard Chang.  Mon-El and his buds set out to give General Zod's sleeper agent a wake-up call.  The heat vision's gonna fly!
SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN #4 of 6 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.  The Man of Steel has his first major fight with the Parasite!  Major!
THOR #606 by Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan.  Doctor Doom has gassed up the Destroyer armor and challenged Thor to drag!  Big fight!
ULTIMATE COMICS: ENEMY #1 of 4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Rafa Sandoval.  The greatest threat to the Ultimates universe is revealed and it ain't internal continuity!
VICTORIAN UNDEAD #3 of 6 by Ian Edginton and Davide Fabbri.  The zombies have overrun Baker Street!  Can the brain of Sherlock Holmes solve this problem before it gets eaten?  Pip-pip!
WALKING DEAD #69 by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard.  And in the other great zombie book, the survivors arrive at what's left of Washington DC.  Okay, serious note: I was just down in DC yesterday and the anti-abortion protestors left the place looking pretty much exactly like the cover of this comic.  Politics aside, these people are unbelievable litterbugs.  Not cool, kids.  Not.  Cool.
WONDER WOMAN #40 by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti.  WW fights The Crows, five guys dressed like Catholic schoolboys.  Years of therapy not included.
X-FACTOR #201 by Peter David and Bing Cansino.  The Invisible Woman has disappeared and…!  Hey, wait a minute…

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