Saturday, April 12, 2008

OT: Underground comics mag find part two - A Secret History of Comics Special

As you can see in the comments for part one, Steve Rowe notes that these were an attempt to sponge off National Lampoon's readership and were definitely ground-level, available in newsstands. However, due to the cartoonists involved, I'll keep calling them underground. Here's the 2nd issue with cartoonists I have, Apple Pie July 1975. The two issues from 1976 didn't have cartoonists in them. All four are going to Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection this spring, should one need to see them for research. Or a laugh.

Another Terry Austin editorial cartoon.

An ad for the mag by Howard Chaykin using some of his usual tropes of the time.

Two one-pages by Justin Green.

Michael Kaluta draws Buster Brown!

Two pages of pirate violence from S. Clay Wilson.

Four pages of vegetarian activism from Kim Deitch.

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