Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ICAF 2007 - Kyle Baker speaks

The International Comic Arts Forum was at the Library of Congress in 2007, and the Library routinely records events. The tapes of the event were given by ICAF to Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection, but I have a cd copy of them and was able to provide a mp3s of Kyle Baker speaking about his career for a researcher from the comix-scholars listserve, rather than putting Librarian Randy Scott to the effort of getting a tape duplicated. The tape was corrupted and had another program recorded over most of the first side of it - it picks up with Baker talking about when he was doing "King David." The second side moves onto "Nat Turner." The session ends with him answering semi-audible questions from the audience.

Baker's one of the best cartoonists working today in comic books today. I enjoy his work immensely (although I'm still disgruntled about how he and Andy Helfer abused my hero, The Shadow in the 1980s) and hearing him speak about it was a treat. Credit goes to Stanford Carpenter who booked him for ICAF.

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