Sunday, April 27, 2008

May 4: Comics on WAMU

Herschel Kanter writes in:

WAMU's old time radio program, The Big Broadcast, is going to have comics on the radio (May 4th, apparently as the schedule listed is off by a week). You can listen online.

8:30p Sad Sack
06/12/46 1st Show of the Series (26:17)

9:00p Archie Andrews
07/06/46 Archie Fights the Masked Marvel (Sus.)(NBC) (29:30)

9:30p Mark Trail
10/23/50 Sticks of Fear (Kellogg's Corn Flakes)(MBS)(29:38)

10:00p Superman
12/10/49 Mystery of the Mechanical Monster (Sus.)(ABC)(29:32)

The Nebbs 10/22/45 Fannie & George Switch Jobs (KHJ/MBS)(Cystex)(29:39)

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