Thursday, December 14, 2006


Totally-cool cartoonist Derf did the cover and illustrations for the December 15th Washington City Paper. It's not online yet though. His "The City" strip regularly runs in the City Paper.

Last March, Derf (aka John Backderf) won the RFK Award for political cartoons, in a contest judged by local cartoonists and aficionados. In his March 21st Post chat, "Chatalogical Humor"
Gene Weingarten had the following to report:

"On Sunday, I was one of four judges for the Robert F. Kennedy Awards, in the category of political cartoons. (Two of the others were Richard Thompson and Nick Galifianakis, the ex-hubby who illustrates Hax's column.)

It was an odd experience. The RFK award goes to those who most effectively highlight the plight of the powerless and disenfranchised. We were looking at the best work of some of the best editorial cartoonists of our generation, and yet so much of their portfolios for 2005 didn't really fit the contest's criteria. Why?

Because editorial cartoonists tend to focus their criticism, and outrage, on the political and emotional issues that define their times. Alas, the plight of the underclasses and the disenfranchised tended to take a back seat to the grotesque mismanagement of our supposed war on terror. Not the cartoonists' fault, but a sign of the utter failure of our national policies, and the corruption of our national will."

Dave Astor picked up the story in May and noted the award ceremony was to be on May 25th. I wasn't invited, but presume it happened.

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