Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cartoon America photographs

I went back yesterday to view the exhibit again so I could write an International Journal of Comic Art review, and also to have my picture taken for an article that should run tomorrow (not that I had anything to do with this exhibit). Boy, Art Wood had an amazing collection. As to the question, "Why no Trudeau?" that was posed to me in the exhibit, I'm researching that (well asking curators Martha Kennedy and Sara Duke) and will get back to you. The Library also has a fine full-color brochure and checklist for the exhibit that's well worth picking up.

So here's some pictures to hold you until the Library gets its own website up.



Nell Brinkley (and an unfortunately phallic Washington Monument the girls are descending towards).

Vernon Grant, creator of Snap! Crackle! and Pop! elves

Johnny Gruelle


Political cartoons
Political cartoons

Rube Goldberg

Clifford Berryman, Washington cartoonist and creator of the Teddy Bear


Richard Thompson, now with the Washington Post


Popeye closeup.

Gag cartoons

Comic Strips

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