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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Randy T finds more local creators and their websites

Randy T's found more local creators and their websites for us somehow (I have no idea how he did this) but cautions: Please note though that this was based on information available some time ago and creators do tend to lead a nomadic life, so some of these folks might not still be in the area!

Anthony Flamini (Writer for Marvel Comics)

Sara Grace McCandless (Writer for Dark Horse)


Katie Bair (Writer/Penciller/Inker for Antarctic Press)

Pat Carlucci (Penciller for Angel, Entity Comics)

Frank Cho (Writer/Penciller for Marvel, Image, Small Press Expo, Caliber, Insight Studios, Dark Horse, DC, AAA Pop Comics, America's Best Comics, Exhibit A Press, NBM, Dynamite Entertainment)

Brian Clopper (Writer/Penciller for Alternative Comics, Small Press Expo, Caliber, Fantagraphics, Amazing Heroes Publishing, Slave Labor)

Michael DeVito (Colorist for Arcana Studios)

Scott Edelman (Writer/Penciller for Marvel, Charlton, DC)

Lurene Haines
(Writer/Penciller for Marvel, Malibu, DC, Caliber, Fantagraphics, Literacy Voluteers of Chicago)

Mike Imboden (Writer for Digital Webbing Presents)

Alfred T. Kamajian (Penciller for DC)

Sunny Lee (Penciller for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, AiT/Planet Lar)

Jamie Noguchi
(Colorist for Marvel)

Saul D. Orihuela (Colorist for Marvel, Image, DC, King Syndicates, Hasbro)

John Harris Staton (Writer/Penciller for Alternative Comics, Insight Studios Group, Fantaco)

Jim Warden
(Writer for Marvel)

John Watkins-Chow (Writer/Penciller for Blink Comics, Lightning Comics)

Lawrence Watt-Evans (Writer for Marvel, Palliard Press, TeknoComix, DC)


Marty Baumann (Writer/Penciller for Day One Comics, Image, Cartoon Books)

David Bovey (Penciller for Labyrinth)

Jerry Carr (Penciller for NBM)

Steve Conley (Writer/Penciller for Image, IDW, Day One Comics, Bardic Press, Small Press Expo, Peregrine, Funk-o-Tron)
(Boy, Astounding Space Thrills was a great comic - bring it back, Steve!)

Otis Frampton (Writer/Penciller for Viper Comics)

John Gallagher (Writer/Penciller/Inker for Dark Horse, Eternity (Malibu), Sky Dog Press, Small Press Expo, Peregrine)

Khalid "Iszy" Iszard (Penciller for NBM)

Mal P. Jones (Writer/Inker for AiT/Planet Lar, Speakeasy)

Laurie J. Kronenberg (Colorist for Marvel, DC, CrossGen)

Jonathan Luna (Writer/Penciller for Marvel, Image, Desperado)

Josh Luna (Writer for Image)

Nathan MacDicken (Penciller for Jitterbug Press, Small Press Expo)

Shawn Martinbrough (Writer/Penciller/Inker for Marvel, DC, Comico, Dark Horse)

Ken Meyer, Jr.
(Writer/Penciller/Inker for Marvel, Entity Comics, Caliber, DC, Amazing Heroes Publishing, Avatar, Comic-Con Int'l, Megaton, Visual Anarchy (CFD), Fantagraphics, Image, Desperado)

Pop Mhan (Writer/Penciller/Inker for Marvel, Maximum Press, DC, Image, Dark Horse, TokyoPop)

David Napoliello (Writer/Penciller for Peregrine, Small Press Expo, Exiled Studio)

George T. Singley (Writer for Image, Speakeasy)