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Friday, March 01, 2013

Comic Strip Hate in Arlington (contains morally-offensive images)

Randy Scott of Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection posts a list of material he's catalogued each week and I usually browse it on Friday evening.

This description caught my eye recently:

Buy Aryan : Boycott Jew Stores. -- Arlington, Va. : National Socialist White People's Party, 1973. -- 1 leaf : ill. ; 28 cm. -- A white supremacy leaflet describing the program of the political party, in comic strip format on one side and text on the verso. -- Call no.: HS2330.N39B8 1973

Yes, Virginia, Arlington had a headquarters for George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi party. Thanks to MSU, we can see this comic strip abuse of Uncle Sam in favor of ridiculous anti-Semitism. Thankfully, these days - 40 years later - Rockwell would be run out of Arlington on a rail. His former headquarters is now a coffee shop. As a corrective to these images, ComicsDC recommends a visit downtown to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, where one can see the consequences of rhetoric such as this. (We do of course recognize and support the First Amendment and Rockwell's right to speech like this, even as we despise his views).

ComicsDC comic strip hate

ComicsDC comic strip hate001

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 20: Daring to Draw: An Evening with Political Cartoonists from Around the World

I'll be attending this.

Daring to Draw: An Evening with Political Cartoonists from Around the World
Monday, June 20, 2011
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Holeman Lounge, The National Press Club
Free for Press Club Members, Non Members: $10
Free for DC Conspiracy Members and any other DC cartoonists (enter discount code DOS)

Daring to Draw: An Evening with Political Cartoonists from Around the World

Press Club Hosts Political Cartoonists From Around the World

Political cartoonists have the unique ability to capture complex issues in a picture and a few short words. In many parts of the world, they contribute political commentary that few print or broadcast journalists would dare.

The U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is hosting a group of 20 political cartoonists from North Africa, the Middle East, and South and Central Asia. During their three weeks in the U.S., they will meet with fellow cartoonists around the country and get a taste of American culture.

We invite you to a welcoming reception hosted jointly by the U.S. Department of State and the National Press Club. The event will begin at 5 p.m. in the Holeman Lounge at the National Press Club. A brief program will begin at 6 p.m. The international cartoonists' pieces will be on display and they will be available to discuss their work and experiences.A cash will be available and hors d'oeuvres will be served.

This event is free to members of the National Press Club and $10 for non members.

And I'm sure this article refers to a disinvited guest-

Gaza cartoonist says US consul canceled training invite
Ma'an News Agency 18/06/2011

Monday, April 19, 2010

U of MD's Diamondback's editorial cartoon controversy

University of Maryland's Dimaondback's April 13 Editorial cartoon By Jenna Brager

The above cartoon is causing a controversy apparently - at least enough of one that the Diamondback's editor felt compelled to apologize - but with a twist:

What I do apologize for, however, is for failing the cartoonist. If you’ve been around the backlash from the cartoon, odds are you already know that the drawing of the armband made many readers interpret the cartoon as a connection between Israelis and Nazis — the imagery of the Israeli flag armband is often found in highly anti-Semitic propaganda.

She hadn’t meant to make such a connection, and so a tiny part of a drawing sparked a plethora of letters, feedback and more than a hundred comments online. I knew the cartoon would spark debate, but where I failed in my job was not realizing the connotation of the armband. Instead of constructive conversation, all anyone wants to talk about now is how this comparison can be interpreted as hate speech. And so, I failed my cartoonist, who never intended to make that statement.

You can read the rest of his editorial here: From the editor: All apologies By Rob Gindes, April 18, 2010, but this looks like another tiresome tempest in a teapot to me, largely caused by a lack of drawing chops (sorry Ms. Brager).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Trudeau's Sunday cartoon was anti-semitic? Eh?

I'm only mentioning this because it's on a blog called Capital J: Inside the Beltway - I didn't remotely read this cartoon as anything to do with religion, but rather with banking. However in "Gary Trudeau? That’s the rabbi knocking," By Ron Kampeas, June 1, 2009, he notes "It's quite another [matter] when Rabbi David Sapertsein, the veteran civil rights fighter, the director of the Reform movement's Religious Action Center, the guy who delivered the invocation when Barack Obama accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, takes time out to write a letter." Eh. Maybe. I'll bet plenty of other religious figures have complained to Trudeau over the past 40 years.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post on anti-Semitic Iranian cartoon book

This was on the wires a couple of days ago, but the Post appears to have a reporter in Iran - as much as I bash them at times, it's a good paper. I read most of the foreign reporting, but rarely note the bylines. See "Young Iranians Release Book Caricaturing The Holocaust," By Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post Foreign Service, Sunday, September 28, 2008; A23.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NY Times on French cartoonist Sine's resignation UPDATEd

A Scooter, a Sarkozy and Rancor Collide
Published: August 5, 2008
A scandal has emerged in France involving the president’s son, his wealthy fiancĂ©e, a much-beloved and scabrous magazine, a crusty cartoonist and humid charges of anti-Semitism.

I don't have a deep interest in this, but I've run across a few more articles for my Comics Research Bibliography, so here's links:

Satirical jab at Sarkozy's son sparks cries of anti-Semitism
By Haaretz Service and News Agencies August 4 2008

Cartoonist gets death threats over Sarkozy 'Jew' quip
Adam Sage in Paris
The Times August 6, 2008

Muslims, Jews and the free speech debate
By Sarah El Sirgany
Daily News Egypt August 5, 2008

French satirist sparks uproar with Sarkozy son Jewish jibe
by: Emma Charlton
05/Aug/2008 16:58 (AFP)

'Anti-Semitic' satire divides liberal Paris
Controversial columnist's aside about Sarkozy's son and a Jewish heiress reignites old embers
Jason Burke in Paris
The Observer, Sunday August 3 2008

French cartoonist fired for anti-Semitic remarks towards Sarkozy's son
EJP 29/Jul/2008