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Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Spadefoot' trade for FREE on

Matt Dembicki's sent along a note about his new comic book:

Just wanted to drop a quick note that Spadefoot, an 84-page graphic novel about a space frog and his merry band of misfits prophesized to conquer an evil emperor, a salamander named Hellbender, is available to read online for FREE at (Type "Spadefoot" in the search function.) It's a whacky, good old-fashioned space opera! (If you want to download it, it's $4; that's something new with Wowio since it was recently bought by another company.)

If the comic hits a target number of visits, AlternaComics has agreed to publish a print version, which, of course, is any creator's goal. So, please check it out and, if you think it's good, please recommend friends to read it, too.

Matt Dembicki