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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Caricaturist John Kascht

Caricaturist John Kascht interviewed his old friend Richard Thompson in the forthcoming book The Art of Richard Thompson.  A couple of pieces have recently appeared online about his Washington connections.

From the SPD Archives: John Kascht at The Washington Times, 1988-91
 by Linda Rubes

This second one talks about his work being collected by the National Portrait Gallery -

Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Clinton?

Here's a special Christmas treat for ComicsDC readers.

Anybody have any idea what this cartoon is from, and who did it? (don't click through to see the original yet)

Capital Christmas - Richard Thompson

No? How about this one?

Capital Christmas - Kevin Rechin


Capital Christmas - Nick Galifianakis

Or these?

Capital Christmas - Joe Azar

Capital Christmas - Ron Coddington

Capital Christmas - Peter Steiner

Capital Christmas - Sam Ward

Capital Christmas - Mike Lane

Capital Christmas - John Kascht

They were originally grouped like this:

Capital Christmas - bag 2

Scroll down for the answer:

Give up? It's a shopping bag from Tyson's Corner mall from 1994. 

 Capital Christmas bag

According to Kirstin Downey Grimsley in the Washington Post (November 1, 1994), "This year Tysons Corner Center is unveiling something specially designed for the mall. Mall spokesmen are calling it 'A Capital Christmas,' and it will offer a whimsical greeting tied to the region's role as nation's capital."Apparently that included a shopping bag with "cartoon illustrations of President Bill Clinton portraying Santa Claus." The cartoons (in this order) are by local creators Richard Thompson, Kevin Rechin, Nick Galifianakis, Joe Azar, Ron Coddington, Peter Steiner, Sam Ward, Mike Lane and John Kascht - some of whom have since moved out of the area.

Thanks to Richard Thompson for the gift of the bag and to he and Nick for identifying some of the cartoonists. Easier-to-read greyscale illustrations can be seen here.
Capital Christmas - Joe Azar b&w

Monday, February 04, 2008

John Kascht caricature videos on Wash Post site?

Did anyone know about these? I certainly didn't until the Journalista blog from Seattle pointed them out. There's seven up now - Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, Guliani, Huckabee and Romney - each is slightly over 3 minutes.