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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mike's flea market finds, continued

101_6520 Family Circus buttons from Burger Chef

Because everyone needs a set of Family Circus buttons from Burger Chef.

101_6519 Family Guy buttons

I don't even like Family Guy, but I rescued them from the 6 for $1 bin.

101_6555 Zodiac Starforce webcomic, animator Raul Aguirre Jr, and Halloween comicfest buttons

These are all brand-new in 2013. Zodiac Starforce webcomic, animator Raul Aguirre Jr, and Halloween Comicfest 2013 buttons. Zodiac Starforce is done by local creators out of Big Planet Vienna.

And here's what I'm happiest to have found. My second Daumier print from the AAFSW book sale at the State Dept.

101_6518 Daumier's Actualities 186

"C'est pourtant comme ├ža qu'on se donne des tours de reins!....... "
From Le Charivari August 28, 1868. "This is just the way to catch a strain in the back." See

Monday, November 23, 2009

ComicsAZ part 1

Last week, ComicsDC visited Arizona, and I'll put on my ComicsAZ guise for a few posts this week.

The above photograph refers to Krazy Kat's home in Coconino County of course. We didn't spot the Kat even though we drove through the county several times.

This cartoon by Bil Keane hangs in my cousin's house. He came in for something when she was running a print shop and did this drawing for her two children. She says she currently has a retired Disney animator for a neighbor - I'll try to get more details.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Circus has left Washington

The Family Circus flew out of DC yesterday, leaving via Dulles Airport (in a fine rendering of the architecturally significant airport). With four children and two adults, they significantly added to the local tourism economy in spite of sticking to free monuments and museums. We hope they enjoyed their visit.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Family Circus is in DC, and didn't even call

I've been looking at these all week and didn't even think to do a post on them until Thursday's Washington Times ran a photograph by Barbara Salisbury (which isn't online) showing two Congressman holding a copy of one of the panels and inviting Bil Keane to visit the Capitol.

Anyway, the strips can be seen here - Monday 8/11, Tuesday 8/12, Wednesday 8/13, Thursday 8/14, Friday 8/15, Saturday 8/16. You can tell they're in Washington because our obelisk is taller than anyone else's.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bil Keane's goodbye to his wife

Today's Family Circus is Bil Keane's goodbye to his wife, who died earlier this year. It ran in the physical Post and not their website, but you can see it online here.