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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

OT: new Finnish fantasy novel by my friend Kate

Fledgling comic book author and buddy Kate Laity has a new novel out. Here's the PR:

Unikirja: Dream Book
By K. A. Laity
ISBN 978-0-9821725-0-6
169 pages, 6” x 9” paperback, $16.00
Published April 2009 by Aino Press

The schemes of witches and sages and giants.
Doomed marriages and supernatural bargains.
The magic of music, of the sauna, of family.
A fish who’s a girl, a girl who’s a wolf.
The creation of the world.

K. A. Laity weaves timeless magic in UNIKIRJA: DREAM BOOK. Tales from the Kalevala and Kanteletar, the ancient myths and folktales of Finland, receive new life and meaning in these imaginative retellings. Mixing the realistic with the fantastic, the mythic with the modern, the dream-tales of UNIKIRJA reinterpret the beauty of the original, time-honored Finnish stories for contemporary readers.

Laity’s work on this collection won her the 2005 Eureka Short Story Fellowship and a grant from the Finlandia Foundation in 2006. Some of these stories have previously appeared in New World Finn, Mythic Passages, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress XXI, The Beltane Papers, and Kippis! Literary Journal. UNIKIRJA also includes four never-before published pieces, including “Lumottu,” an innovative and deeply moving new play.

About the Author:
K. A. Laity is the award-winning author of PELZMANTEL: A MEDIEVAL TALE (nominated for the Aesop Award and the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award) as well as many short stories, plays, and essays. As Assistant Professor of English at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, she specializes in medieval literature and also teaches popular culture, film, and New Media. Visit her website at

For more information, including author interview requests, contact:
Gene Kannenberg, Jr.
Publisher, Aino Press

OT: The Book of Marvels (no, not those Marvels)

(Not those Marvels either)

This week, Barnes & Noble is featuring The Book of Marvels by Mark Collins Jenkins.
This is Mark's 4th book on the history of exploring and National Geographic and they're all worth checking out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OT: The Book of Marvels: An Explorer's Miscellany

A good friend of mine, Mark C. Jenkins, the unofficial historian of National Geographic, has a book coming out on April 28. It is a wonderful compendium of the best of travel writing through the centuries, and the accompanying illustrations are gorgeous.

Here is the link to Amazon:

Searching inside the book isn't available yet, but the chapter titles are as follows:
1. Wild and Unfathomable Always--The Sea
2. The Mournful Kingdom of Sand--The Desert
3. One Boundless Pasture--The Grasslands
4. Arborious Wonders--The Forest
5. The Sublime Harp--Peaks and Chasms
6. The Mystic Circles--The Poles

Many thanks for taking the time to check it out! Cathy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OT: New book of interest

My friend Comics-Dr. Gene Kannenberg's new book with Tim Pilcher is out - Erotic Comics: A Graphic History, vol. 1. I bought my copy today at Big Planet Comics, but you can get one by ordering through Gene's website which has more details on it. It's a lovely book, although not for everyone, and I contributed one of the McGill postcards; that was $1 well spent!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OT: Rusty Witek's Spiegelman book

My buddy Rusty Witek could help me out with my Pekar book because he was doing his Art Spiegelman: Conversations which appeared last fall. Here's a review of it: "Books about Comics #2: Spiegelman and Spandex," by Peter Sanderson, PW Comics Week May 13, 2008. I don't think Rusty's the one in the spandex though...

OT: Where in the world is Dean Haspiel?

My New York buddy Dean Haspiel, who suggested me for the Harvey Pekar SPX panel interview that led to the Conversations book, is keeping busy. Here's a note from him listing his projects:

1] my webcomic, BILLY DOGMA in "Immortal," got nominated for an Eisner award for 'best digital comic'. Link to IMMORTAL: [Mike's note - this is available in print now as well]

2] I finished THE ALCOHOLIC, the original graphic novel I illustrated in collaboration with writer, Jonathan Ames, for Vertigo/DC Comics, which is slated to come out in September. I'll be doing lots of press for that book soon. Here's a recent article from PWCW:

3] MO & JO: FIGHTING TOGETHER FOREVER, my kids book collaboration with underground comix legend/writer Jay Lynch, will also be coming out in September from Francoise Mouly's Toon Books [Raw Jr.]:

4] DC Comics' webcomix wing, Zuda, just announced STREET CODE, the new series I'm writing/drawing for them come early summer:

5] ACT-I-VATE, the webcomix collective I founded [and where I do BILLY DOGMA], finally launched an official website after two years utilizing Live Journal: Check out, FEAR, MY DEAR:

6] I launched a webcomix anthology that I'm also editing called NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR at Smith Magazine:

7] I just finished drawing some more AMERICAN SPLENDOR stories for Harvey Pekar [at Vertigo].


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