Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Word Balloon podcasts by John Suintres of interest

This has nothing to do with ComicsDC, except I did a book about Harvey Pekar - that you can still buy ...

Comic Books Harvey Pekar's Legacy with Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld

July 10, 2019

Cartoonists Dean and Josh just started a new podcast Scene By Scene where they breakdown the Harvey Pekar film American Splendor . We also talk about their current projects and where they see the comic market going.

...but this talks about Rafer Roberts' new comic book

Comic Books A New Mike Norton Moment

Word Balloon July 22, 2019

Mike is back to talk about bring his web comic Battle Pug to Image Comics as a monthly in September. Plus Grumble with Rafer Roberts, his thoughts on the creator owned Market and why he stopped his political comic strip Lil D

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