Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Fantom Comics manager on Kojo Nnamdi Show

Every Trick In The Book: How Local Bookstores Build Community

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How do independent bookstores survive in the digital age?

Independent bookstores have become a part of the social fabric of communities in and around the District. We'll discuss how local shops use programs and personality to stay relevant and keep bookworms coming through their doors.

Former owner of Upshur Street Books Paul Ruppert, owner of One More Page Eileen McGervey, and director of operations for Politics and Prose Jenny Clines join the conversation. Plus, Derrick Young, co-owner of Mahogany Books and Leah Ly, manager of Fantom Comics talk about serving specific communities in the literary world.

Produced by Kayla Hewitt


Paul Ruppert, Owner, Petworth Citizen, Upshur St. Books, Slim's Diner; Partner, Room 11

Eileen McGervey, Owner, One More Page Books in Arlington, VA.

Derrick Young, Co-owner, Mahogany Books

Jenny Clines, Director of Operations, Politics and Prose

Leah Ly, Manager, Fantom Comics

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