Wednesday, July 03, 2019

New book Baaad Muthaz from Rosarium

from their newsletter:

Baaad Muthaz Land in Diamond Previews


These women are truly baaaad!!!

They're rough. They're ready. They're space pirates. They're a James Brown revival band. They are the Baaaad Muthaz!!!

Follow Afro Desia, Cali Vera, Alley Bastard, Candy Ass, Katana Jade, and Snake on their madcap cosmic adventures as they funk up the galaxy and face off against alligator women, space mandrills, and a reindeer who looks like Prince all in search of the almighty booty!!!

We're looking to hit 2,500 pre-orders through Diamond. If you're interested, please consider ordering it soon through them. You have until July 19!

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