Monday, March 27, 2017

Heroic Minicomic Show

Heroic Aleworks in Woodbridge, Va., and the D.C. Conspiracy are teaming up for the Heroic Minicomic Show on Saturday, May 20, from noon to 7 p.m. The show will feature about 20 local comic creators and a couple comics-related creators. Stay posted for a list of exhibitors!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Artomatic exhibits with cartoon overtones, part 1

Unsurprisingly, Artomatic, the DC area's unjuried and large artshow, attracts people influenced by or practicing cartooning. I stopped by this weekend for a first look. This post covers floors 6, 8 and 9.

Eric "E$" Dolgas' sign says he's the 'pioneer of abstract cartooning.' (He's not - read Andrei Molotiu about that field).


Emily Villataro had a couple of Batman-derived images. This Joker is definitely based on comic book art.


DC Conspiracy member Michael Auger paints black light florescent animals.


Donna Lewis is expanding beyond her "Reply All" comic strip with Bella & Boo Design Studio.


Sharing a room with Lewis is Dennis Goris, an artist who has done some cartoony work around the theme "She Persisted."


Here's my selfie entitling me to a button though.


Rambo! does caricature based on movies and television.


Sina Ouerghi does anime-influenced drawings of women, both her own and DC characters.


Annie Lunsford is an illustrator, but I think her work has a cartoony feel.


Comic book influences are obvious in this work by David Barr.


Brand Dave's Prints on Wood are gag cartoons at heart.


Clay Harris has a graphic novel for sale, and pages from it on display.


Mitchell MacNaughton's caricatures and political cartoons recall the 1970s as well as today.


D.C. Creepers's Eric Gordon will be featured in an interview later this week. His work is usually based on live sketching of unaware subjects.


Andrew Williams painting series is the religious themed The Goodnews, but he also did a school newspaper comic strip called Mike and Moop. We'll have an interview with him later in the week.


Gordon Thomas Frank's art is influenced by cartoons including DC and Disney, but has satirical and scatalogical overtones. We'll have an interview him this week.


In the same room as Frank is Ralph Baden who is NSFW. His website notes, "I paint humorous, vulgar oil paintings, that some might find in bad taste. The reason why I paint - I want my jokes and opinions to last as long as Rembrandt or Van Gogh."


All my Artomatic photos are here, with more images from each of the artists.

Friday, March 24, 2017

April 1: Matt Wuerker in CT

Date(s) - 04/01/2017
11:00 am - 5:30 pm

Winsted United Methodist Church

No Categories

Purchase tickets here.

April 1st

The American Museum of Tort Law (AMTL), is proud to welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker, and Hall of Fame The New Yorker magazine cartoonist/illustrator Barry Blitt for a special daylong Program – 'If It Doesn't Please the Court: Two Ink-Stained Wretches on the Art of Political Satire.'

Consumer protection pioneer and AMTL Founder Ralph Nader, will join Blitt and Wuerker on the Program.

The Program will include: a WORKSHOP on cartooning/illustration, led by both Wuerker and Blitt; a PRESENTATION by them as well as Nader; and a MEET & GREET with the speakers.

Event Times

11:00 am workshop
1:00 pm program

Rick Newman, Executive Director of the AMTL: "One of the coolest things about political satire is that it's an expression of freedom, and a visual representation of the law as protector of that freedom and of people's rights. So, this Program is a great fit for the Mission of the AMTL."

Local comics artist Beth Varni has a comic book coming out

Black Panther writer visited Fantom Comics

From their Facebook page:

Ta-Nehisi Coates stopped in for Fantom Comics book club discussion of Black Panther. Longtime residents may recall his writing for the City Paper back in the day. Recently Yona Harvey, who's writing short stories for the World of Wakanda spinoff spoke at the Folger Library. Here's my photographs of that event.

DCist scoops ComicsDC on Civics Tracts

Local Comic Artists Strike Back In The War On Facts

'Beauty And The Beast' review on NPR podcast

'Beauty And The Beast,' Music, And More From South By Southwest

Emma Watson plays Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, a live-action remake of the 1991 animated film.

Laurie Sparham/Disney

Tale as old as tiiiiiiime ...

By which, of course, I mean "tired people return from South By Southwest."

But in any event: this week's show kicks off with a discussion with our pal Katie Presley of Bitch Media about the live-action version of Disney's Beauty And The Beast. How are the candlesticks? How's the new music? And, as Katie wonders, is there adequate eroticism within the Beast, compared to the cartoon Beast who set Katie's young heart aflutter so many years ago? And what's the Les Miz-iest part of the Beast's new tune, anyway?

March interview with Aydin and Powell

April 17: Alexis Frederick-Frost - Hocus Focus — at Takoma Park Library (MD)

Alexis Frederick-Frost - Hocus Focus — at Takoma Park Library (MD)

Monday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Imagine how frustrated you'd be if you worked for a wizard and never learning any magic! The Knight knows this feeling well, and he's determined to change it. His plan is simple: find a book of spells, whip up a potion, steal the wizard's wand, and presto! Making magic should be a piece of cake. But the Knight and his trusty sidekick, Edward, may be in over their heads when they try to cast a tricky transformation spell. Alexis Frederick-Frost joins Politics and Prose at Takoma Park Library to talk about this fun-filled adventure for young graphic novel readers. Ages 6 to 9.

Takoma Park Library (MD)   101 Philadelphia Ave   Takoma Park   MD    20912

Local papers on the Wilson movie, based on Clowes' graphic novel

Regarding Wilson, in 2010 I wrote a brief review of the book and interviewed Mr. Clowes, who at conventions is very personable and approachable, unlike his characters.  

 Wilson Is Only As Good As It's Narcissistic Protagonist's Warped Worldview

And Wilson's worldview isn't too appealing. [in print as Narcissist Sandwich].

Noah Gittell
Washington City Paper Mar 24, 2017
online at

'Wilson' fails to humanize its cartoonish title character [in print as Graphic novel's grouch better on page]

By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post March 24 2017, p. Weekend 29
online at

'Wilson,' With Woody Harrelson as a Misanthrope

A version of this review appears in print on March 24, 2017, on Page C6 of the New York edition with the headline: I'm Not O.K. You're Even Worse.

And in a similar vein, the Post ran online an AP article on Iron Fist...

Netflix/Marvel's 'Iron Fist' epic fail, say viewers, critics

Washington (March 23 2017):

Three Stooges exhibit at Geppi's Entertainment Museum

It's a fun place to visit, and this exhibit includes local cartoonists.

Scoop March 24 2017

King Kirby play auditions begin in Greenbelt

King Kirby

by Crystal Skillman and Fred van Lante
Directed by Keith Cassidy


Even the origin stories have an origin story.

For over 50 years, Jack Kirby was the driving force behind the most iconic comic book characters in American pop culture. This is the story of the work that made the marvels.


Aside from Kirby, most actors will likely play multiple roles, not listed here, of different ages and in different decades

Jack Kirby: Jewish-American New Yorker, comic book artist. A single-minded, artistic innovator. Ages from young man to 74 during the action of the show. Artistic ability a plus, as the character is supposed to be drawing live during the show.

Stan Lee: Legendary comic book writer, ambitious friend/sometimes-rival/foil to Jack. Ages from young intern to the head of Marvel Comics during the action of the show.

Roz: Wife of Jack for 54 years until his death. She was always by his side, literally and figuratively: through his time as a soldier in WWII, as the mother of his four children, and even helping ink comics during the early stages of his career.

Joe Simon: Editor who gives Kirby his big break.

Victor Fox/Martin Goodman: fellow comic book artist/ Jack's publisher



The next round of auditions for the Off the Quill will be for King Kirby. Information about the play can be found here. Performances dates are July 28 – August 12, 2017 at the Greenbelt Arts Center.


Auditions will be held in the evenings of April 4th and 5th, with potential callbacks on April 6th, at:
Joe's Movement Emporium
3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.

You must complete the online audition timeslot request form, along with uploading your headshot and resume. After the forms are submitted, you will be contacted with further information regarding an audition timeslot.

Off the Quill will be casting a minimum of four men and one woman. Character descriptions can be found here.

  • All roles are Non-Union/Paid (Stipend).
  • Movement/dance experience a plus.

Please prepare two 60-90 second monologues (presenting two different characters). You may be asked to read a short side from the script.

View Play Description & Character Information page for further details.

Request an audition slot and submit a headshot & resume.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Comic Riffs reports Steve Sack is a winner

Steve Sack, satirist of Putin and Assad, wins Overseas Press Club's Thomas Nast Cartoon Award

Washington Post
Comic Riffs blog March 22 2017

Would you buy this book?

A mystery graphic novel for sale at One More Page bookstore in Arlington, VA.


I have no idea what it is. Anyone?

Comic Riffs highlights 2016's highlights

10 great graphic books that deserve to win the Oscars of the comics world

Washington Post
Comic Riffs blog March 23 2017

March 24: Art jam at GMU

There’s an art jam Friday, March 24, at George Mason University’s main campus in Fairfax from 6 to 10 pm. It’s open to the public. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kal on Master Drawings Part I, Of Us and Art: The 100 Videos Project, Episode 98

Kal on Master Drawings Part I, Of Us and Art: The 100 Videos Project, Episode 98

 by Minneapolis Institute of Art

Friday, January 6, 2017

PR: Mini Comics Meet Up - March 25 at Beyond Comics in Frederick

Mini Comics Meet Up
Featuring Local Comic Creators!
Ask Questions, Buy Comics, Watch them Draw!
11am to 4pm
Here is a chance to meet many local comic creators.
Local comic artists Carl Yonder "Pirate Eye", Michael Bracco "Creators", as well as many "Magic Bullet" contributors including Andrew Cohen, Michael Cowgill, Hobbes Holluck, Karly Perez, David Ross, and more.

Kickstarter Basics

Carl Yonder and the rest of the guests will give you pointers on how to get started funding your self-publishing on Kickstarter. Find out how to succeed, and many of the pitfalls you might encounter.

Making Mini Comics

Mini Comics - The mainstay of the indie comics creators. Learn how to make your own from a single piece of paper.

3D Scanning Demonstrations

Ever wonder how it works? David Ross will show you some of the amazing things you can do.

Only at Beyond Comics Frederick
5632 Buckeystown Pike
11am to 4pm
Beyond Comics, 18749 B North Frederick Avenue, 5632 Buckeystown Pike Frederick, MD, 207 S. Princess Street - Shepherdstown, WV, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

New political blog from cartoonist Al Goodwyn (and a friend)

The site is

Here's a quote from their 'about' page:

Al Goodwyn of Washington, DC and Jeff Newman of South Carolina bring you their blog, Confederacy of Drones.  They expose the bias, hyperbole and out-right lies that prey on the gullible, the lazy, and the gimme-free-stuff sucklers.  And they often try to do it with a sense of humor.

How did they come up with the name Confederacy of Drones?  The confederacy of drones is the mindless segment of the population that blindly accepts the media, allows others to do their thinking and worships at the celebrity alter.

So enjoy the blog and if you have thoughts, praise or disgust, you can reach Al and Jeff at  Al provides the cartoons and illustrations, plus you can see a wide range of his work at:

IDW credits 'March' gns with strong overall sales

PR: The Art of Bernie Fuchs

Fuchs is an illustrator, not a cartoonist, but the author David Apatoff is one of the coauthors on the Art of Richard Thompson and also writes about cartoonists on his blog.

The Life and Art of Bernie Fuchs


Scheduled to ship in July 2017, this spectacular new book explores the life and work of one of America's most admired and imitated illustrators — Bernie Fuchs. This volume is printed in FULL COLOR throughout and features over 300 illustrations. The book is 240 pages long and is filled to the brim with scores of beautiful illustrations reproduced from the original paintings and drawings, as well as rarely seen tear sheets from vintage magazines, photographs, color studies, and more. A complete preview of the book is available here:


240 pages, 9"x12", full-color on premium low-gloss stock, hardbound with dust jacket. The Standard Edition is $44.95 plus postage.


A Special Edition of the book, limited to just 100 copies signed and numbered by author David Apatoff, and presented in a slipcase with white lettering, is available for $64.95 plus postage.



To learn more, please visit my website:

Dan Zimmer, Publisher